Stress: Self-Help Tips

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You have really brought my blog to life for that I thank you. As we finish out the month of January, I wanted to leave you a little something that I’m passionate about…good health and give you some tips on how to live your best life…Until February!

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Stress: Self-Help Tips
Being able to manage stress is important to living a healthy, happy and productive life.

Here are some techniques and strategies to help you deal with stress.

Maintain a regular program of healthy eating, good health habits and adequate sleep.

Exercise regularly — This promotes physical fitness as well as emotional well-being.
Balance work and play — All work and no play can make you feel stressed.
Help others — We concentrate on ourselves when we’re distressed. Sometimes helping others is the perfect remedy for what’s troubling us.
Take a shower or bath with warm water — This will soothe and calm your nerves and relax your muscles.
Have a good cry — Tears of sadness, joy or grief can help cleanse the body of substances that accumulate under stress and also release a natural pain-relieving substance from the brain.
Laugh a lot — When events seem too overwhelming, keep a sense of humor. Laughter makes our muscles go limp and releases tension.
Find ways to learn acceptance — Sometimes a difficult problem is out of control. When this happens, accept it until changes can be made… This is better than worrying and getting nowhere.
Talk out troubles — It sometimes helps to talk with a friend, relative or member of the clergy. Another person can help you see a problem from a different point of view.
Escape for a little while — Temporarily leaving a difficult situation can help you develop new attitudes. When you feel you are getting nowhere with a problem, a temporary diversion can help. Going to a movie, reading a book, visiting a museum or taking a drive can help you get out of a rut.
Reward yourself — Starting today, reward yourself with little things that make you feel good.
Do relaxation exercises daily — Good ones include visualization (imagining a soothing, restful scene), deep muscle relaxation (tensing and relaxing muscle fibers), meditation and deep-breathing.
Budget your time — Make a ‘to-do’ list. Rank — in priority — your daily tasks. Avoid committing yourself to doing too much.
View changes as positive challenges, opportunities or blessings.
Rehearse for stressful events — Imagine yourself feeling calm and confident in an anticipated stressful situation. You will be able to relax more easily when the situation arises.
Modify your environment to get rid of or manage your exposure to things that cause stress.

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