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Stand & Deliver…..

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“Stand and Deliver” Contest Finalist
Vote for our Executive Director and CWUW could win $10k

The “Stand and Deliver” program is an initiative created to honor women who take a stand and make a difference in their communities.

Rhonda L. Bayless, founder and executive director of the Center of Wellness for Urban Women was nominated and is a finalist in the “Merz Aesthetics and Asclera Stand and Deliver” contest.

Starting TODAY, February 25th, the nation will get to vote DAILY for Rhonda until April 19th and if she is chosen, the charity of her choosing will win $10,000 – CWUW.

CWUW will send weekly reminders to vote!

This will help CWUW to continue to help women and their families in Indiana and nationwide. Healthy women and families, healthy neighborhoods and communities, this is our focus.

ONCE PER DAY until April 19th-


Learn more about the Center of Wellness for Urban Women by visiting,

7 Days Of Wellness….

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7 Days of Wellness, 7 Days of YOU
CWUW takes over a week in April for WELLNESS
April 6th-13th – 7 days focused on YOU and Wellness

“7 Days of Wellness, 7 Dimensions of You!” is a week filled with events and activities designed to focus on each dimension of wellness, supporting our philosophy that the 7 Dimensions of Wellness is vital for total health and wellness for women and the community at large.

“7 Days of Wellness, & Dimensions of You 2013” – Schedule of Events

Saturday, April 6th
5th Annual Clothing Drive & Exchange, 9:00am – 4:00pm
Children’s Bureau, 1575 Martin Luther King Jr. St., Indianapolis, IN 46202

Providing new and gently used clothing and shoes to women, men and children

Sunday, April 7th
Online activities conducted via social media

Monday, April 8th
Meatless Monday Awareness Campaign Kickoff

Promoting the importance and benefits of Meatless Mondays through online and offline awareness campaigns

Tuesday, April 9th
Sisters Together Wellness Walk on the Canal, 6:00pm
Canal Walk

A national initiative of the Weight Control Information Network (WIN), bringing women together to move more and eat better

Wednesday, April 10th
Online activities conducted via social media

Thursday, April 11th
Miss Mary’s Garden Community Workday, 6:00pm to dusk
Miss Mary’s Garden, 2447 Bond St., Indianapolis, IN 46208

Performing various gardening tasks in CWUW’s community garden

Friday, April 12th
Online activities conducted via social media

Saturday, April 13th
CWUW Who?, 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Studio B, 608 Massachusetts Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204

A community fundraising event highlighting CWUW and its past, present and future impact on wellness in the community

ATTEND!! Volunteer opportunities available. SAVE THE DATES!!!

You can be a sponsor for the week! Be a part of our great events.
In-Kind donations accepted. All donations are tax deductible.



Bringing Out The Youth in An Old Soul
The latest event brought to you by Old SOUL Entertainment.

Tired of the same scene? Outgrown the clubs? RECESS is your answer!
Whether it’s a night out with the girls, the fellas or a first date, Recess is a GUARANTEED good time. Come network with others like you who like to have a great time in a SMOKE-FREE environment. Jenga, Connect 4, Checkers, Dominoes, Operation, Boggle, Twister, Catch Phrase, Spades, Musical Chairs, Pencil pop, Hula Hoop contest all at your disposal while enjoying your favorite tunes from the Old Soul DJs. Music such as Jay-Z to James Brown, Fela Kuti to Kanye West, Bob Marley to Marvin Gaye, Jay Electronica to Earth Wind and Fire, Tears for Fears to Burning Spear, Goapele to Gill Scott Heron… This is good, clean fun. And the dance floor is open.

Just added to the mix, are all of your favorite classic video games including the original Nintendo & Sega games.

Also added is Nintendo Wii’s, The Michael Jackson Experience.

Stay Tuned for dates of RECESS.

Mic Check 123…Mic Check 123!

Radio Station Logo

If your a recording artist, author, entrepreneur, community activist, ministry leader, or individual who is taking Indianapolis or Your City by storm~then we want to know about it. Come and be a part of a live studio audience network, advertise, promote and do your thang on We bring you the best of Old School Hip Hop, R&B, and Steppin’ Music along with some casual conversation for your listening pleasure! Live Mondays 7pm-10pm “Rhythm N Blaze” On The DJ Chill Rob Show with Co-Hosts Crystale (me) & Ms Lady “D”…See You There!
Smart phone users download the mobile app TuneIn, search for Rhythm N Blaze and listen on the go!!!

Crystal Dixon
CEO/Event Director
Evolution Events, LLC
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Your Date Night!

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10 Ways to Spice Up Your Next Date Night
Alone time with your guy can be hard to come by, so why not make those precious hours you two share extra exciting? Use these fiery reader tips to spice up your next date night. From a cocktail party for two to the electric kiss, tantalizing tips for making the most of your together time. And when you’re ready to take it to the next level, peruse more steamy tips

~ Let Him Indulge You
“It’s not what we do when we go out, it’s the ritual we perform when we get home. I peel off my clothes while my man runs a bath. Then he sits on the side of the tub and washes me from head to toe.”

~ Dance Your Hearts Out
“To get our adrenaline going just before we go out, I roll up the carpet in the living room, dim the lights, crank the CD player to a mix of our favorite dance tunes and start dancing solo. My husband usually comes rushing in to watch me, and after a song or two he can’t help but join in.”

~ Sweeten Your Love
“My guy and I both love chocolate. We swear it heightens our senses. To make our date nights special, one of us usually surprises the other by picking up a few expensive treats at the chocolatier (like hazelnut truffles or cinnamon-flavored ganache). Then we feed them to each other. Starting the night with this over-the-top indulgence always helps set the scene for lots more hedonistic fun.”

~ Transform Your Living Room
“We turn our living room floor into a romantic space by moving the coffee table off to the side so we have room to lay down layers of soft blankets. We cover the lamps with scarves, light scented candles and incense, and put fresh flowers in the room. We also keep chocolate-covered strawberries, a bottle of our favorite wine and a basket of massage oils nearby. For a few hours our ordinary room is turned into our own sensual play space.”

~ Turn Up the Heat in the Theater
“My husband and I felt obliged to check out a neighbor’s performance in a production of Les Misérables at our local playhouse. To add some pleasure to the painful performance, we started passing sassy notes back and forth. They were about the wild things we wished we could be doing with each other instead of watching the play. I don’t know who was more shocked — and turned on — by the secret sex suggestions, my husband or me.

~ Flirt With Your Feet
“To add a seductive touch to our dinners out, I sometimes slip my shoe off under the dinner table while we are eating. I point my toes and slip them up my sweetie’s pant leg, rubbing his calf and continuing with the conversation as if nothing is going on. After that he usually comes up with an excuse to get the check and whisks us home for some privacy.”

~ Make Waves
“We always book an all-night sitter whenever there’s a full moon. Why? So we can spend the night out in our boat on the river. The water is beautifully lit by the moon, giving us the perfect atmosphere for skinny-dipping.”

~ Try a New Kiss
“On our last run-of-the-mill date night (dinner at a local pizza joint), my husband got a little creative by bringing along a book called The Art of Kissing: Book of Questions and Answers. We had a laugh reading about unusual kissing styles (like the ‘electric kiss,’ which is done by rubbing your feet back and forth on a carpet before you touch lips) over dinner, and then had a sexy night trying them out once we got back home.”

~ Turn Your Home Into a Spa
“We have a standing appointment with a masseuse from our gym every Friday night at eight in our home. She meets us for personal massages in our living room, where we take turns choosing soothing music to play in the background and talking about the upcoming weekend. The relaxing pressure of the massage helps put us back in touch with our bodies: the ultimate preparation for the late-night private time in the bedroom that is always sure to follow.”

~ Relive Your First Date
“A local hangout occasionally books a cover band my husband and I loved when we were first dating. Whenever one of us spots the listing in the paper, we make sure to plan a date and get there early enough to request a live version of ‘our’ song. Dancing to it together always brings us right back to when we first met.”

Your Butt Kicking Self Defense Guide

self defense 2

Top 10 Self Defense Techniques
by Thaifighter91

What is BRAINS without POWER….So, you have found yourself in one of the worst situations imaginable, a street fight. Whether you’re being mugged, or have just said the wrong thing to a tough guy, you need to know what to do to get out of the situation. This is a list of the top 10 self defense techniques.

10. This is not a movie
Unless you are in a movie, are Bruce Lee, or have Ring / Cage experience, you shouldn’t try to do anything too amazing, and you should not stop hitting your opponent until your sure he is incapacitated.

9. Your objective is not to win
If you hurt your opponent unnecessarily, you can find yourself in court. Also if you stun your opponent somehow (for example, you knock the wind out of him) you don’t need to do anything more – just run. You will find that you are not hurt and you are not getting sued. That’s winning to me.

8. Know you limits
If the person you are fighting has a weapon, just do what he wants. Getting stabbed, shot at, or beaten by five people is not worth the $10 in your wallet and canceling a few credit cards. This also means knowing when you are beaten. There is no way to win every fight, and not admitting defeat will just get you hurt.

7. Stay Calm
Many people get apprehensive when in a fight and either don’t act quick enough or not at all. It’s easier said than done, but if you can keep your composure it will be well worth it. Part of keeping your composure is not being afraid. One easy way to do this is to remember that he’s not the only one fighting and that you can hurt him. For all he knows you could be the local champion fighter of some sort. He’s the one who should be afraid.

6. If you get hit, it’s not the end of the worldI’ve seen a lot of fights where one person will be doing very well, take a few shots and give up all hope of winning. Getting hit isn’t fun, but it’s not the end of the world. Remember this is a fight, not a beat down, and expect your opponent to put up a fight. Take the shot, regain composure, and get back in there! It’s a lot better than standing still and getting hit.

5. This is the street, there are no rulesThat means pull hair, gouge eyes, pinch, bite, fish hook, and whatever you need to do to get out of this situation. Men, for some reason refuse to strike the groin. Why? In the hopes he won’t? To ensure he doesn’t kick you in the groin first, strike him in the groin and run. Who cares if people make fun of you, you’re not whose hurt. However, I wouldn’t recommend striking the spine, or back of the head as this could maim your opponent, which would land you in court.

4. Hit first
If you allow your attacker to hit you first, you are making a bad situation worse. Now you have to recover from the strike, and work to regain momentum in the fight. Hitting first makes the attacker defend himself, something he won’t be used to doing.

3. Close the distanceBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu will tell you that in any self defense situation close the distance as quickly as possible. If you are too close to him to strike you, then you can’t get hurt. Muay Thai will tell you that the clinch is one of the best places to strike your opponent. From here you can dish out elbows, knees, and some close range punches.

2. Take him to the ground
This does not mean try to tackle him from thirty feet away, as you will be treated like a bull fighting in Spain (the bulls never wins). If you close the distance, you may be able to trip, drag, or throw him to the ground. If you’ve ever wrestled, used what you’ve learnt to get a top position. If you get a top position on the ground you can strike your opponent without getting attacked. If you have the knowledge of submissions this will only help you.

1. Keep your hands upThis is something boxing coaches remind their fighters of upon entering the ring, and continue to do so until the end of their career. Most of all strikes will either be blocked or the force lessened if your hands are up. Also, watch the Rocky movie. His hands are down most the time, and he gets hit a lot. Learn from his mistake.




My Sista’s Business…Larvetta Smith

Let’s Get Down to Business with Larvetta L. Smith
In Her Shoes Home | 18 Feb 2013


Larvetta L. Smith
Do people describe you as a hustler or always on the move? Larvetta L. Smith knows this all too well as she’s launched five different businesses over the past 20 years. Some of them are still up and running, some of them aren’t, but she was committed and totally passionate about each and every one. This type of person is best described as a serial entrepreneur, which can be someone who starts a business, builds it, then sells it and moves on to their next idea OR a person who ventures into two or more businesses at the same time.

Does this sound like you? Well tune in to “Let’s Get Down to Business” featuring Larvetta L. Smith this evening as she discusses this trend with special guest and fellow serial entrepreneur, Joshua Mercer. The show airs every Monday at 8:30 p.m. CST/9:30 EST on as Larvetta covers topics of interest for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Following are five sure signs YOU might be a serial entrepreneur:

1. You’re a first-time entrepreneur and restless after three to four years in business

2. You have more fear of regret than failure

3. You started your first business before you could drive

4. You recognize your current start-up won’t make money

5. You already have your hands in two or three businesses

To learn more about Larvetta L. Smith visit (new site launching March 4th).

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My Sista’s Business….Balmshell

Picture 4Picture-9balmshell

Canadian identical twin sisters, Jennifer and Fiona Lees, are the creators behind the new and exciting cosmetic line, Balmshell. These self-described “cosmetic junkies” followed their passion and entrepreneurial instinct to create, what they considered to be, the perfect lip gloss. They developed a formula using only the finest ingredients to produce a high-shine, moisturizing lip gloss. It looks and feels fabulous. Jennifer and Fiona’s inspiration for the look and unique packaging of Balmshell came from a float art pen they purchased in a kitschy shop in Yorkville. Expressed through colorful illustrations and amusing storylines, Balmshell aims to celebrate the inner goddess that exists in all women.

The Red Pumps Project…Who’s With Me!

2013_RtR_SaveTheDateRed_Pump_QuadRed Pumps

ROCK THE RED PUMPS….Rock the Red Pump with us for the 5th Time!

Today, we launch our annual campaign commemorating National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Can you believe that it’s been five years since we first put our call out to bloggers to #RocktheRedPump? Since the inaugural Rock the Red Pump® campaign in 2009, more than 2,000 blogs have participated!

What began as a simple idea to engage women around National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD) has grown into a full-fledged campaign that attracts national attention, unites women of all backgrounds and ignites much-needed conversation about the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It is so exciting to watch and see how the campaign (and artwork) has evolved since 2009.

We’d love for you to join us again to Rock the Red Pump®!

We want YOU to show your support by signing up and putting one of our custom badges on your blog and then on March 10, you dedicate your blog post to talking about the HIV/AIDS!

We would like for you to join us by putting on your hottest pair of red shoes on March 10, and sharing a picture of you rocking them with us on Facebook and Twitter! Or, sharing one of our badges across your social networks and using the hashtag #RocktheRedPump.

You can #RocktheRedPump in the following ways:

•Sign up and download the campaign web badge and upload to your website, Twitter, or Facebook profile.
•Pledge to share HIV/AIDS information with five women before March 10.
•Wear red pumps (or other shoes) on March 10 and upload photos to the Red Pump Facebook page.
•Participate in Twitter chats in February and March.
•Join us for Red Pump events in Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, and Washington D.C. around NWGHAAD. More info to come on those!
For more information on the campaign, check out our website!

We need your help to make this campaign a success, We believe that if one of us is infected, we’re all affected. Join us to #RocktheRedPump and be a part of our work to fight this HIV/AIDS epidemic!


Red Pump x Royal Dynamite = T-Shirts!
We’ve collaborated with Royal Dynamite for the Red Pump T-Shirt line!

Yesterday, we relaunched the Red Pump T-shirt line, in collaboration with the awesome team at Royal Dynamite! We’ve designed the “Knowing is Priceless” tee to remind all of us that knowing your HIV/AIDS status is worth all the money in the world. And, then there’s our signature “Red Pump Rockers” tee!

The shirts are $25 (S-2XL), and your purchase will help to support our educational programs throughout the year, such as Cupcakes and Condoms. And they ship internationally too, for folks who aren’t in the United States!

To learn more about the collaboration and to purchase your tee, visit the Royal Dynamite website.

Red Pump Events Around NWGHAAD
We’re having SIX total events on or around March 10 around the U.S.!
We are hosting events in FIVE cities in recognition of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, and Washington D.C.

The events in ATL, Charlotte, Dallas and DC will be “Cupcakes and Condoms” putting a sweet spin on sexual health awareness. In Austin, we’re partnering with Blacks in Techs at SXSW for an afternoon of Cocktails and Conversations!

Be sure to check back for details on how you can volunteer at and attend these events.

And in Chicago, we’re having our 4th annual Rock the Red Fashion Show on March 23, 2013! Save the date!

As always, we truly appreciate your continuous support of The Red Pump Project and the work we do to raise awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. Thank you for joining us to show that Awareness is Always in Style!

The Side Car….


The Sidecar
A popular French cocktail, as it uses two liquors made in France. Can be served in a sour glass (a smaller version of an old fashioned glass) or up in a cocktail glass

■3/4 ounce Cointreau
■3/4 ounce lemon juice
■1 1/2 ounces cognac
Shake over ice and pour into sugar rimmed glass. Garnish with lemon twist.

This recipe is the “french school.” The English school” calls for a slightly less sweet drink, using more Cognac and less Cointreau, about 3 parts to 1 part, and 1 part lemon juice.