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Get Your Money Right!!!

Infographic- The Effect of Bad Decisions on your credit

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The following infographic is extremely relateable. It isn’t one size fits all but it does provide a good picture of how you can go from a 700 score to a 500.

I’ve been Suzy and it’s work climbing out of that hole. If you can avoid it, don’t become Suzy! If you are Suzy, check out the site and sign up for our newsletter  We will get you into financial shape in no time.

Negative Items and Suzy�s Credit Report

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.



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The PR Girl Tool Box….


Because I’m an entrepreneur and my business is always changing, I don’t have the time to sit down and write a lengthy 100 page business plan every time I come up with an idea, nor can I afford to pay someone else to do it for me. So I started reading Chris Guillebeau’s The $100 Startup and it has kept me on track with clients, maintain financial freedom and gives me the insight on where my business is going in any endeavor I am doing, therefore it is business friendly to give lead way to change at any time.

These are just some general notes for you and your business, of coarse if you are applying for a loan, looking for investors or sponsors, then the rule still apply with the 100 page business pan, but I’m just implying where is your focus at in your business.

If you’ve got a side business or other entrepreneurial endeavor in mind but haven’t made a business plan for it yet, don’t worry. You can create a simple, concise business plan by answering just ten questions on one page.

Part of the free resources from Chris Guillebeau’s The $100 Startup, the One-Page Business Plan (PDF) proves you don’t need a 65-page business plan to get your business started.

 Here is another I found as well….



Working It Out Series (60 Day Challenge)…Results!

weight 1

It’s Been 60 Days Ya’ll…Wooo Hooo I Made It…But I’m Not Done!
Mother, Entrepreneur, Fitness Enthusiast, Transformation …

~Fitness Is Sexy

My Progress & Beyond !!!!!
So my 60 Day Personal fitness challenge is officially over. First I’d like to say a quick couple of thank you’s. 1st and foremost I’d like to thank my fitness partner my sister Joy and my daughter China. They both encourages me to do my training even when I don’t feel like it. 2nd my friend Chandra she gets on my back and has helped so much with my strength/endurance and shopping for new food and different ideas on how to eat more clean. Throughout the whole challenge she has been a massive support and the challenge would have been a lot harder without her. Now, when I get something into my head I can become pretty obsessed and I’m sure to Chandra I have been a complete pain in the arse with all my Text and Facebook messages outwith working hours. She’s been very patient with me and for that I am thankful, she has also been the backbone behind my training and dieting….I’m still a work in progress!!!! Last but not least…all of you I’ve had over 300 views on my blog since day one and to see that and hear all the positive comments it really has helped a lot so Thank You All!


I came up with a manageable diet plan and from classes I managed to devise some of my own ‘mini workouts at home’ (especially with my busy schedule) for me it was never about losing weight it was about living a healthier lifestyle and with a few changes in how I do things, of coarse the weight loss came along with it. I’m a champion in this thing and I have acheived 10 times more than my highest expectations. However my progress doesn’t end here I will keep you posted periodically on what I’m doing to live a better, stronger, healthier lifestyle 🙂

Love Life. Do Good. Live Well….

Share Your Healthy Lifetsyle Journey!!!


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The PR Girl Tool Box….

PR Girl PRowess: Handling Event Day

By on Jul 23 2013
Today is the day of the biggest event I’ve had to plan from start to finish in my career thus far. It’s been a lot of stress, tearing of hair, begging, pleading, laughing, cheering and screaming. Now that event day is here, I’m oddly calm.  Once the day kicks off, somehow my PR brain now knows to go into autopilot.  It has been a long way getting here, but I actually think my brain has finally excepted the chaos that is event day.


This is every PR girl on event day

Here are a few tricks I’ve learned along way, that help out BIG TIME when event day rolls around:

  • Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before. Do not drown your stress the night before in pinot grigio. Drink plenty of water
  • Give yourself more than enough time to get ready in the morning. Try to incorporate a calming ritual in the morning as well, whether it’s reading the paper or going for a quick run
  • Listen to motivating music. I just discovered Songza this week and I’m in love. I’m currently listening to “FIRED UP” mix with 70s and 80s rock
  • Be sure to breathe. This is when you’re sitting at your desk, on the way to the event, and speaking with your client. You’re most likely overly sensitive about the event and want to be sure your thoughts are taken correctly, instead of becoming too personal
  • Do your part! Think about how you can make things easier for the event designer, the florist, the venue. Then help your client get their needs heard
  • Smile!
  • Enjoy it. You’re running something huge and kicking but. Take notes along the way on what you can do better next time
  • Treat yourself. I like to have something fun pending for when my event is over, whether that’s drinks with friends or a shopping spree the next day. You’re almost there!

Motivational Monday 7/22

Get back UP
All of us have had traumas in our life. Granted, some seem much bigger than others and we can all sing the “Somebody Did Me Wrong” song.

I believe these challenges are sent so we can learn how to get back up. They are to show us how much courage we do already have within us.

Some people have huge stumbling blocks or traumas at a young age, some in later years. If you look back in your life and see darkness, I implore you to look more closely.

You are able to look back – aren’t you?
You are still here, living, breathing PROOF that you were ABLE to Get Back Up.

Bless the dark areas and thank them for the strength that you now have within you to face the next one. Without darkness we cannot recognize the light. Walk in the light and bless the darkness. This way the new light will touch everything past and everything yet to come…

Burdens can weigh you down if you let them engulf you – so don’t.

Always remember you Are Still Here so
YOU Are Able to Get Back Up.

Love Life. Do Good.Live Well

Motivational Monday 7/22

Think Big! Take Risks! Love Life!

Dream. Dare to dream large. Never quit, go after what you want with a totally committed attitude. Remember life is so short that you must enjoy each and every moment.

Look at your fears, laugh, then move forward. Accept responsibility for your actions and the type of person you want to be. Learn to love learning. Grow constantly. Embrace change willingly.

Never say never. Think like a winner. Learn to love yourself, forgive yourself and be happy being who you are.

Surround yourself with positive messages and people. Be in charge of your life only; let others be who they are. Be kind, think right about the other person, always expecting the best from them. Learn to be effective, not always right.

Include a higher power in your life. Be thankful for all that has been given to you, your family and friends.

Be the type of friend you would like to have. Make a difference to just one person, each and every day of your life, whether it be by a smile, a gentle touch, a kind word or a helping hand.

Learn to be flexible, few things are black and white and written in stone. And above all, remember that people are much more important than things.


“Concentrate on where you want to go, not on what you fear.”- Anthony Robbins Read the rest of this entry

Fly Friday 7/19…All In 1!

China Candy Couture –


Posted: 02 Jun 2013 07:01 PM PDT

If you’re looking for a hot and edgy trend for this summer season, caged heels is it! The moment I saw these shoes I fell in love. Of course, my first thought was “what would I wear with those?” and I decided to go against the grain. I paired my edgy caged heels with a flowy chiffon, floral print, cut out dress and the outcome was perfect! This looks screams “I’m a fashionista”, and it’s an awesome, sexy, and chic summer look.

Floral dress and caged heels from

What I Wore: Peachy Perfection Plus New Hair Do!

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Happy Tuesday  my loves! It’s been a while since I have done a What I Wore post, so I know this is long over due. It was a pretty nice day on Sunday and I was in the mood to wear a dress to church. As I was looking through my closet I noticed a dress that my brother bought for me when he was in Spain last year. I never wore the dress because I didn’t get it until December…smh…and it was just too cold.


The dress is a simple and very comfortable. It is a peach tank dress with a mint green belt. I paired it with and Olivia & Joy Handbag and my favorite pumps of the moment (Prabal Gurung for Target). I put on a lace cardigan because it can get really chilly at church.


As you can see I also switched up the hair do for the summer. I’ve been doing a lot of protective styling lately and this is just the latest installment lol. I chose box braids because they are easy to maintain. I didn’t want to keep my weave because it is just too hot. I wanted my braids to be a shorter length, but the woman who did my hair said it wouldn’t work because of my natural hair length, so I had to go long.


So here’s one final look


Rock It or Drop It? Chinese Laundry Jam Session Wedges


Who doesn’t love a great wedge? I know that I do because wedges are extremely comfortable. These mint green suede shoes are perfect for the summer. The color makes it feminine enough to wear flirty dresses and the studs and cutouts give it a little bit of edge.


Chinese Laundry Jam Session $90

Get your Jam Session on with this studded wedge. Triangular cut-outs and stud detailing set the Jam Session apart from your wedge collection. The 1 1/2 inch platform stands up to the 5 7/8 inch wedge heel. Back zipper allows for easy wear.


So would you rock these shoes?




Style Play Polish: Kenzo-Inspired Nails

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 07:33 AM PDT

Screw diamonds – fashion is a girl’s best friend! Some of us will go without necessities just to look and feel good in the clothes that we buy. Since most of us don’t have the funds to get our hands on all our favorite celeb designs, we can definitely improvise and rock the look on our nails by using what we already have lying around the house.

This designer’s leopard prints have been spotted (no pun intended) on some of our favorite celebrity crushes, from Solange Knowles to Beyonce to Brandy & Rita Ora:

We’re gonna show you how to get the look in 4 easy steps!

What you will need:

Step 1: After you have applied your base coat, color your nails with 2 coats of yellow polish.

Step 2: Using the ginger colored polish, paint one or two strokes across your nails in which ever direction you choose.

Step 3: Using the clicker part of the pen as a dotting tool, create polka dots on your nails using the lilac colored polish.

Step 4: To create the textured fuzz like spots, use your make-up sponge to create comma shapes around the polka dots. Seal with a top coat and you’ve got Kenzo!

Expensive taste on a budget? No problem – we got you!
Keep it sassy, classy, and creative. Get a little busy and switch up the colors, tag us on Instagram @LoveBrownSugar with your Kenzo inspired looks.



LoveBrownSugar Chic: Wearing White in Wacoal Smooth Complexion

Posted: 06 Jun 2013 12:50 PM PDT

Style-obsessed fashionistas know that undergarments can really make or break an outfit. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a gown at a black tie event or on a red carpet without a good supportive bra and a controlling bottom that sucks in the tummy and smoothes imperfections. They’re a must!

So one of my biggest concerns with undergarments, whenever I’m considering wearing an outfit that is either all white or sheer, is finding the proper undergarments that will be seamless and undetectable underneath. Enter Wacoal’s Smooth Complexion Collection. Unfortunately for us ladies of color, there often are not many options in the “nude” department at the store that work for our shades. Most nudes are of the lighter variety – this goes for things like shoes & also for lingerie.  Thankfully, Wacoal has taken that into consideration when creating their Smooth Complexion collection.

The collection currently comes in 4 different colors – White Swan, Naturally Nude, Praline (and for ladies my complexion or deeper) Coffee Bean!

Wacoal sent me three of the pieces in their Smooth Complexion collection including the Smooth Complexion T-Shirt Bra ($60), Smooth Complexion Long Leg Shaper ($40) and the Smooth Complexion Bikini ($18 or 3/$45). For this outfit sporting my favorite Fashion To Figure white peplum dress, I rocked both the T-Shirt Bra as well as the Long Leg Shaper for a seamless look.


The Smooth Complexion Coffee Bean shade is dark enough to be undetectable underneath my white dress. Not only that, the long leg shaper really got rid of my bumps & lumps, especially in my backside area, and it was actually comfortable believe it or not:

Ladies if you’re my complexion or darker, I highly recommend the Coffee Bean shade. The collection itself is really comfortable and lightweight, which I love. It makes me happy knowing that lingerie companies like Wacoal are taking into consideration that they have consumers of all different skin shades and really embracing it.

In celebration, all month long I’ll be pinning images to one of my Pinterest boards “My Brown is Beautiful” to celebrate this and other beautiful shades of brown.
Every skin tone is beautiful to me. Comment below and tell me why you love YOUR complexion!
This post is sponsored by Wacoal America. Opinions expressed are my own and not those of the company.

Cover Girls: Alicia Keys for Marie Claire UK

Posted: 06 Jun 2013 01:42 PM PDT

This July, Alicia Keys sets the cover of Marie Claire UK on fire, right in time for the summer. Shot earlier this year on the island of the Bahamas by photographer Yutsai, the photos are really breathtaking. Alicia is featured in sophisticated, sexy looks from Gucci, Versace, Diane von Furstenberg and Just Cavalli. In the issue, she opens up about her first impressions of her husband, evolving and directing.

On her overall first impression of Swizz Beatz:

Swizz will have the fastest car, the biggest jewelery, the loudest jacket; everything with him is really over the top. I used to see him and think, “He is so annoying.”

On writing “That’s When I Knew” for Swizz Beatz:

That’s when I Knew” is definitely an ode to my husband… Honestly, I didn’t really like him that much. I thought he was too ostentatious.

On what she’s learned from her relationship:

I think we’ve taught each other a lot. He’s taught me to live more fully and I think I’ve taught him to live more deeply.

On becoming vocal about her feelings:
You have to speak up. To say, “I don’t like that, it’s not cool, don’t do that to me”, but it’s not easy, especially with people you love. I think getting older has made me evolve in a lot of ways and made me more relaxed about saying how I feel, no matter what.

On maintaining balance:
I realize you have to have a balance – you can live life and have more experiences as well as working.

On becoming a director:
I fell in love with directing. Because first of all I didn’t have to get up early for make-up and, second, I’m a very diplomatic individual.


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Community Event….

F.Y.I. Everyone!!! As announced this afternoon on the Amos Brown Show…

See You There! – MT



Saturday, July 20, 2013
12:00 Noon
Federal Building (46 E. Ohio)
Downtown Indianapolis

Join Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson, Pastor Stephen Clay, Pastor Michael K. Jones and Dr. David Hampton this Saturday, July 20th at 46 E. Ohio (Federal Bldg) for Justice for Trayvon Rally
12 noon.

Bring your signs, wear your hoodies, bring all who want justice!!!

Community Event….

Small Business Seminar Sponsored by Fifth Third Bank

How To Transition From Corporate America to Franchise Business Ownership


 This seminar is designed just for you to answer those questions on franchising basics such as the misconceptions about franchising? How to find the right franchise? Why you want to start a business? Also, hear from representatives from Fifth Third Bank and the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC) on small business lending and SBA financing options, resources available through the ISBDC, and receive exclusive access to Small BizU, which provides online courses on all aspects of running a small business.

Jim Gleason – FranNet of MidAmerica,
David Phares II – Fifth Third Bank 
Glenn Farmer – Fifth Third Bank,
David Boehme – ISBDC  
Join the Indianapolis Chapter on Thursday, August 22, 2013
6:00 – 8:00 PM
Fifth Third Bank Market District Financial Center
145 North East Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204  
Members free, Non-members $15.00
Click here to RSVPSponsor:

Community Event….


43rd Summer Celebration
Gospel Explosion!
Guest Speaker : Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr.
Indiana Convention Center
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