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Motivational Monday 9/30

Bridges Not To Burn

Posted By Precisely in NYC


Lately, I’ve been tweeting about the importance of cutting off those who have nothing positive to offer. You know, the ones who constantly doubt your dreams and goals because they lack the ambition and will-power to chase their own or simply because they can’t stand the idea of being happy for someone other than themselves. How do you decide who not to cut off?

While some people seem extremely opinionated about everything you do and not as focused on their business, others genuinely care about you. Hence, your success becomes somewhat of their own. These kind of people are hard to find and should be treasured.

Don’t burn that bridge, if the person you’re thinking of…

  • – isn’t afraid to tell you when you’re wrong
  • – shares a new opportunity with you despite how unreachable you may think it is
  • – asks questions because s/he is concerned
  • – makes the best out of even the worst situations
  • – makes it easy for you to speak up
  • – empowers you and uplifts you

One of the trickiest things, I’ve noticed, is differentiating between those who are around you because they genuinely care versus those who are around you because of your success. Choose the people you surround yourself with wisely, and beware of the bridges you burn.

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” – Isaac Newton

How do you decide who to keep around and who to cut off?

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Music Mixx…Luke James

Luke James Releases New Track…
‘Oh God’ Luke James
Luke James unveils his latest visual with Hit Boy. Read More »

Luke James may not be a rush to release a full package but he continues to drop new music as he readies the debut of his forthcoming studio album, “Made To Love.”

To add to his list of songs this year, the burgeoning R&B star provided a link for “Love No More.” On the new slow-tempo track, James sings about letting go of a hurt relationship.

While Luke James’ highly anticipated debut Made To Love is stalled for an official release date, James continues to drop visuals, remixes, and strays to keep fans interested. The latest to surface is the emotional breakup ballad “Love No More,” in which the crooner says farewell to a relationship that isn’t working. “I don’t wanna love no more” he belts, tired of putting in the effort with no returns.

Be on the lookout for the announcement of a release date for his LP Made To Love.

Music Mixx…Jennifer Hudson

NEW MUSIC: Jennifer Hudson, T.I. & Pharrell Collaborate For Hudson’s Return To Music

Jennifer Hudson is one talented lady.  With her portrayal of Winnie Mandela in the self-titled film finally being brought to theatre screens and two up and coming movies Black Nativity and Mister and Pete to be released in time for Christmas, Jennifer has also been busy working on her new music.
Her latest track ‘I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)’ is like a breath of fresh air, as we have been missing Jennifer’s singing voice for a little while now.  She has teamed up with Pharrell Williams who has written and produced the new song for Ms Hudson and as we all know, Pharrell always puts his mark on every project that he works on.  Lately, Pharrell has been on a throwback vibe where he has been using influences from certain era’s and blending that sound with a more current feel.
It seems that this is where this track is going, as you immediately get that sensual vibe with Jennifer’s voice, but you can also feel Pharrell’s distinctive groove within the beat.  “Working with a visionary like Pharrell was a really special experience for me,” said Jennifer.  “He is one of the most talented musicians of our time and I couldn’t be more proud of what we did together.”

This definitely gets us excited for what else Jennifer has been working on, as we hear that she has also been working with Timbaland and Salaam Remi, as she puts together her third studio album!  Could this possibly be even better than her two successful albums to date?  You’ll have to look out for a future release date to find out.

Fly Friday 9/27

Olivia Pope

Scandal Poster

Scandal  Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) dedicates her life to protecting the public images of the nation’s elite and making sure their secrets never get out. Olivia is a former White House Communications Director for the president, but has left to start her own crisis management firm, Olivia Pope and Associates. She is hoping to begin a new chapter of her life, but is finding out that she cannot leave parts of her past behind without having a definite soft side.

Olivia Pope and Associates staff includes Harrison Wright (Columbus Short), a smooth and efficient litigator; Abby Whelan (Darby Stanchfield), the firm’s investigator; Huck Finn (Guillermo Diaz), a hacker with a CIA past; and recent recruit Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes), a fresh faced lawyer with a secret.

In anticipation of Season 3 of “Scandal”  Oct 3rd

Let’s take a look at some of Olivia Pope’s wardrobe secrets…..

The Season 2 finale concluded with Olivia being outed as the President’s mistress, an event that will send shock waves throughout the country this fall.


In an interview with CNN, costume designer Lyn Paolo — who works on ABC’s Scandal — explains how she dresses Kerry Washington for the part of Olivia Pope, the D.C. “fixer” based on real-life crisis management expert Judy Smith.

When you talk about Washington D.C., you think of dark gray and navy blue. Look at a picture of Congress. Everyone pretty much looks the same. … My idea was, we should always have Olivia Pope standout in some way.

The White suit

Livie Pope
A blouse and slacks will do
Olivia Pope 2
Remember when looking at the makeup look to apply it to your skin tone according to the chart I gave you. Warm with cool tones or  cool colors , if you have warm undertones
Olivia Pope's MU style

The Statement Blazer
In a wardrobe color palette consisting of light hues, pastels and greys, Olivia wears blazers well. Her military-inspired looks, particularly the classy Armani blazer, enforce a sense of power in a male-dominated world. A statement blazer is the perfect match for a pencil skirt or structured trousers at the office.

Our Picks
1. Armani Collezioni Fitted Blazer, $495
2. Ralph Lauren Blazer, $321
3. Donna Karan Military Blazer, $1,342
4. Topshop Structured Blazer, $70
5. Morena Tailored Blazer with Binding, $34
6. Topshop Ponte Jet Pocket Blazer, $70

Olivia Pope Shopping Checklist:

  1. Is it in “the Color Pallet”  (i.e. White, Cream, Tan, Camel, Any shade of Grey, or Navy  on a wild day soft pastels pale pink, pale green, ice blue)
  2. Is it Classic?  If its to trendy or crazy fashion forward- skip it
  3. Is it strong?  (i.e. If its to overly feminine/frilly/lacy- skip it. Olivia Pope is serious business so she has to look strong and command respect. If its overly girly- skip it.)
  4. Is it Clean? (i.e. Are the over all design lines of the garment  or is it simple and sophisticated? If it’s too busyin design detail or print skip it)
  5. Will the proportions flatter the body? Too much fabric will overpower anyone.    Garments should fit well. This is the key to really being put together!    If it’s overly boxy or flowy- skip it

Kerry Washington Promo Pic

Les Brown….


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Autumn Love…..


Ahhhh the smell of Fall, it’s really not my favorite season for I’m the one who always gets cabin fever….. I love my Spring/Summer months (but I digress). So since I’m forced to live the Fall/Winter months here I have challenged my self to make it thru.  Just a few personal things I’m trying to by the time until Spring/Summer season rolls around again 🙂

Since the seasons have officially switched over, I’ve been trying to think of the goals I would like to accomplish this Fall. For the Summer I made a list of a few small things I would like to strive for every day, and at the end of the heat wave I felt pretty good about all of them.  So I want to be sure  I’m trying some new things while I’m wrapped up in sweater weather.

Here are a few things on my list:

  • Bundle up with my favorite throw over blanket and read a good book “Fifty Shades Of Grey” again 🙂
  • Try to bake something new at least a couple times a month
  • Find the perfect collection of boots and booties for all weather
  • Listen to new music while making dinner
  • Buy a camera, finally, and capture all the pretty colors of the season
  • Crock-Pot Time!
  • Start a  wine collection and pair it with meals
  • Play board games
  • Find an exquisite recipe to try at least 2x a month
  • Develop A fun day with my kids (e.g tell a joke day, ice cream day, just because day)
  • Enjoy The Holidays!!!!

What Are Some of Your Fall/Winter Ideas….

Indy Family Fest…..

Email Header.2
Today’s Deal: Get a Family 4 pack of Tickets for
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Indy Family Fest is a fun filled Saturday event created especially for Indianapolis’ families. 
The event will feature over one hundred exhibitor booths offering attendees valuable
information on the latest and greatest products and services. 
They also have fun children and family activities set to take place.

The event will be held on Saturday, October 19, 2013 9am-4pm 
at the Indiana State Fairgrounds-Marsh Blue Ribbon Pavilion.

The IndyFamilyFest will include:

* Keynote Speaker, Mary Susan Bruhner ‘Mommy Magic’
* Various live entertainment
* Mommy’s relaxation lounge
* Dad’s fun zone
* Mother and Baby Rest Area
* Princess and boys superhero parties
* Popcorn/disco area for the older kids
* Daddyathon
* Diaper Crawl
* Children’s activity area with inflatables, obstacle courses and games

And much more…

Already In Your Closet: 3 Ways to Wear Your Denim Jacket This Season

Community Event: Team Allissa

 Team Allysa 2



Are joining together to fight Crohn’s and Colitis.  Join us on Saturday September 28th from 5pm to 9pm at the Teddy’s Burger Joint at

2222 W Southport Rd. Indianapolis, Indiana 46217.

Bring this flyer to help give back a portion of your bill to Team Allissa and the CCFA of Indianapolis.

Please help us in finding a cure to these lifelong conditions that affects more than 30000 Hoosiers.

For every dollar that the CCFA receives $.81 goes towards research and education, $.10 goes towards administrative costs and $.09 towards sending kids like me to camp

Thank you for joining us and for your support.  Keep watching for more information about our next fundraiser.



Motivational Monday 9/23


Precisely in NYC



A few days ago, I was speaking with a friend who expressed feeling as though he hadn’t accomplished much for his age. He often speaks to me about his goals, and boy, are they big! I believe that’s a good thing though. The more ambition you have, the more likely you are to succeed. The ones who accomplish their goals and dreams tend to be those who fight for them vigorously.

Maybe people who lack ambition are lucky. If there’s nothing they want bad enough, then there isn’t much for them to worry about. They don’t find themselves in one job questioning whether they’ve gotten comfortable or not. They don’t plan in advance or set outrageous (yet accomplishable) goals for themselves. They don’t dream big. Sometimes I think they’re lucky for living worry-free…but other times I think they’re not.

“Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.” – Elvis Presley

What’s your relationship with ambition like? Do you get comfortable or are you constantly looking to challenge yourself and grow?