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Music Mixx…Prince

Prince Breakfast Can Wait

Prince is here to tell you that “Breakfast Can Wait.” The Purple One has been cunningly dropping new tracks all over the web in recent weeks, and today his 3rdEyeGirl alter-ego unleashed another new cut dubbed, yes, “Breakfast Can Wait,” a song about working up an appetite in bed before making coffee and toast, a.k.a. Prince’s morning workout.prince, breakfast can wait, dave chappelle


Hey, baby. Where you goin’? Please don’t rush off so soon. Prince has a video message for you about the most important meal of the day. The Purple One wants — nay, needs — you to know that “Breakfast Can Wait.” We’ve heard the super-sultry song, of course, and we’ve seen the Dave Chappelle-starring cover art. But now there’s the Danielle Curiel-directed clip above to consider, and it’s far more impressive than the low-budget “Screwdriver” clip that you had to pay to see.Prince is here to tell you that “Breakfast Can Wait.” 

The visuals are as high-sheen and highly sexualized as the song itself, opening with a steamy tête-à-tête between a woman in a Minnie Mouse dress and a regular-ass dude who turns out to have some pretty next-level Boy Band dance moves. Cut to the dominatrix dance squad and the woman with the wig and painted-on mustache dressed like Prince. Then jump on down to the masquerade hand-jive before finding out whatever happened to those pancakes lovingly served up in scene one. Put on your best Blade-style black leather trench-coat and listen in.