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Some time ago, I mentioned I was on a 90 day weightloss challenge over the summer, many of you have participated and gave lots of engouragement. Well I didn’t exactly reach my goal at that time but I still continued to do weight training with my personal trainer Mya. I also managed to eat healthier and find healthier options while on the road, cause this PR Girl has got to eat! Since then I have lost another 10 pounds…yeah me and even though I’m a work in progress that is my ultimate goal is to live a healthier lifestyle. As we come upon the Fall/Winter months with the Holidays learking I have got to stay on coarse and focused. So moving foward I will be sharing with you any healthy lifestyle events/milestones  and I hope you do the same….here is what I’m currently doing!

Kick Up Your Workout with this Playlist

Nothing gets us going on the treadmill, on the elliptical or running through the streets like a bangin’ playlist! Here is an inventory of some of our favorite workout songs categorized by workout phase. It’s an ECLECTIC mix of old and new that includes everything from hip hop to pop, techno-pop and R&B.  Try them out and let us know what songs are on your workout playlist:


Beez in the Trap – Nicki Minaj (Warning explicit)

Work Out – J Cole

Sexify – Leah LaBelle

Can’t Help But Wait – Trey Songz

Picking Up the Pace:

Bass Down Low – DEV, Tinie Tempah, The Cataracs

Scream and Shout – and Britney Spears

Dancing On My Own – Robyn

Heart Rate Up:

Treasure – Bruno Mars

My Life – Robin Thicke (Despicable Me Soundtrack)

Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke, Pharrell, TI

Get Lucky – Daft Punk, Pharrell

I Like It – Sevyn Streeter

Boom Boom Pow – Blackeyed Peas

Beast Mode:

Body Party (Remix) – Ciara Feat. Future and B.o.B

Domino – Jessie J

Don’t Touch Me (Throw Da Water On Em’) – Busta Rhymes

Mind Blown – Noelia (Timbaland Edit)

Run the World (Girls) – Beyonce

Dutty Wine – Tony Matterhorn

Cooling Down:

The Happy Song – JoJo

Pretty Girl Rock – Keri Hilson

Just One of Those Days – Whitney Houston

5 Ways to Renew Yourself for Fall

Ladies, it’s time to take a cue from nature. Just as the trees are shedding their leaves this Fall season, so should we shed the things that aren’t serving us and use this time to renew the most important aspects of ourselves. Evaluate yourself on these five areas and let’s start renewing BEFORE 2014!

Renew your Direction – Take a couple of hours to think about where you want to be in the next year, two years, three years. In a new career? In a new home? Working for yourself? In a new state? Whatever it is, write it down. Now ask yourself, are you on track towards this direction? If not, plot out what you need to do, in three-month increments, to make this direction a reality. No time like the present!

Renew your Body – Ok so generally everyone waits for January to roll around before they commit to a new exercise routine. But why not get a jump-start on this weight loss thing so you can save your “resolution” for something else for a change? Determine how early you need to wake up to get in a 30min workout. It can be a brisk walk, treadmill time, elliptical, weights or even a good workout DVD. Whatever it is, DO IT!! This time, this month, you can do it! Start small and build up. For inspiration, watch ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition”. It’s a tremendous motivator!

Renew your Spirit – How you chose to define your spirit is entirely up to you. One way to get in touch with it could be to ask yourself what really brings you joy? Is it painting, reading, dancing, learning something new, or being outdoors? Whatever it is, make a commitment to do that thing at least once a week for four consecutive weeks. Another option is to recommit yourself to four weeks of consecutive Sunday worship.

Renew your Health – Health in this case is about your nutrition. Have you be going “IN” on unhealthy foods, not watching your portion control, forgetting to take your vitamin supplements and not drinking enough water? If so, today is the day you can put a period to that unhealthy rut and start anew. Pick two things you want to commit to doing and do them for at least four consecutive weeks then see if you can add on another healthy habit (e.g. eight glasses of water a day, one green smoothie a day, vitamins every morning, clean out the cupboard of unhealthy foods, etc.).

Renew your Mind – Has your “inner critic” gotten out of line lately? By that I mean, have you been letting thoughts of self doubt, low confidence and self criticism take up space in your mind? Or perhaps you’ve just been going about your routine and haven’t challenged your mind in a while either via learning something new or reading something that’s mentally stimulating. Decide what about your mind could use some renewing and do one thing this week to renew it (e.g. sign up for a class, read a non-fluffy book, write down some new positive affirmations about yourself and say them every morning, etc.)

Love Life. Do Good. Live Well


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