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10 Household Items For Your DIY Beauty Routine


You’re rushing to leave the house and you’ve just encountered a beauty emergency. We know how this usually plays out. You get frustrated, scatter about in search of a solution and end up being late to your planned destination. What do you do?!

We’ve got a list of 10 items around your house that will make your life a million times easier.


10. Clear Nail Polish: Sealing your nail polish color or design isn’t all a top coat is good for. Did you know you can use clear polish to stop a run in your stocking?! Just add a little dab at the site and that should hold you up until you have a chance to get a new pair.


9. End Wraps: The most common use of End-wraps is to keep the hair flat and straight around curlers and rods. But not today! If you are out of blotting paper, problem solved! Stash a few sheets in a ziploc bag and you’ll never go wrong.

Not only is it convenient, it is also efficient. A box containing 1000 end-wraps costs $1.99. Depending on how often you use blotting paper this little box will last you for months up to a year! Why spend $10 on blotting sheets that will last less than a month when you have end-wraps?!


8. Aluminum Foil: GLITTER POLISH!!! A girl’s biggest Kryptonite, such a pain in the behind. All you need is acetone, a cotton pad, and aluminum foil. Use the aluminum foil to wrap over the cotton pad on your nail, let it sit for 2-3 minutes, and the glitter will wipe right off!


7. Scotch Tape: Name one person that likes lint on their clothes! Exactly, no one. Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of having a lint brush at our disposal, but scotch tape will come in handy. It works like a charm!


6. Match Box: Nail file gone missing? Never pass up on the opportunity for free matches. The striking surface of the match-box can be used as a nail file to smoothen out any rough edges. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


5. Elmer’s Glue: We know you’ve been keeping watch of our Style.Play.Polish posts, but you’re hesitant because your hands my be a little unsteady. Just apply some of the glue around the outside of your nails, let it dry and polish away. After you’re down painting your nails it peels right off along with any mess you may have created. Score! We’ve got you on another one.


4. Rounded Earrings: Some of you have been wondering, where on earth do I get a dotting tool without having to purchase it online? Well there’s Sally’s, but there always will be the cheaper and free alternative! Have a pair-less round earring lying around? Just stick it into the eraser of a pencil and dot away!


3. Brown Paper Bag: Flexi rods are a little on the pricey side, especially when you have a bushel of curls sprouting out of your scalp. Cutting brown paper bags into strips will perfectly serve you as a substitute. Curl away and secure with a bobby pin. Just make sure your hair isn’t soaking wet, otherwise it will defeat the purpose.


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2. Spoon: Spoons aren’t just for eating, they can also be used as eyelash curlers! Your lash curler is on the fritz and you cannot leave the house without those curls. Grab a spoon, run it under hot water, wipe it off. Place the inside of your thumb under your lashes and run the tip of the spoon upward across your eyelashes. You can thank us later.


1. Tea Bags: Tea bags can be used for 2 purposes:

  • A: Getting rid of puffy eyes has never been so easy. Just run the tea bag under warm water and let it sit on your eyes for 30 seconds. You will be so glad you read this post.
  • B: A crack in your nail can easily be fixed with a tea bag. Just empty the tea bag of it’s content, cut it to the size of the crack, apply gel resin or crazy glue on your nail, place the cut piece of the tea bag, apply more glue, smoothen out the surface with a nail file and your nail is as good as new!


Next time you come across a beauty emergency, you’ll have us to thank! Make sure to share this post with your friends!

You have any household beauty tips and tricks? List them below and share with the class.


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