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Vanilla Extract on How to Gain Followers

Our dear friend Nichole at Vanilla Extract recently posted about gaining followers on her favorite shopping social network Wanelo. What’s great is that these tips apply to gaining followers on any social network or blog so read on and make sure you follow Nichole if you aren’t already!

Winning Wanelo: 8 Tips for Gaining More Followers

Hi, my name is Nichole and I’m addicted to online shopping. My latest obsession is a cool app / online shopping community called Wanelo. This service let’s you see all of your favorite stores and products in one place. AKA: You can shop faster and more efficiently online. In your PJ’s. With wine. Can you say dangerous?

I’ve spent a lot of time on the site, drooling over my favorite shoes, bags, and dresses, and buying a few must-haves. During that time, I learned a lot about the service and built up quite a following.

Here’s the deal: Wanelo has over 10 million users, up from 1 million in November 2012. Over 200,000 stores have followings on the platform, including top retailers like Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, J.Crew, and Nasty Gal.

So what’s the benefit of having more Wanelo followers? If you’re a retailer, a large following helps you get your products in front of more people. As a blogger, it adds credibility to your portfolio and might be an opportunity to collaborate with some of your favorite brands. As a user, it validates your opinion of what’s hot.

If you want a piece of those 10 million users, here’s how to get in front of them, one great product at a time.

1. Post good content.

Products can catch on fast on Wanelo, and the people who post the most popular products can gain influence. All kinds of products are welcome, but quirky, unique, well-photographed and/or topical ones typically get shared and distributed widely.

Wanelo is obsessed with power users, and if you have good content, you might:

  • be included in Wanelo’s weekly Top Stories newsletter that reaches its entire user base.
  • be included in their invite-only Wanelo Holiday page—a page curated just for this season that will feature stories and products from a select group of users, brands, and media properties on Wanelo. All the content will be viewable by Wanelo’s 10 million-plus users, regardless of whether or not they follow you.

2. Bring products to the table.

It’s all about bringing great, new products into Wanelo because that’s how you gain visibility and influence. Your profile will be forever linked to the products you post to the community, which is an opportunity for you to get noticed as more and more people save and re-save your content.

3. Have a good profile picture with a bio.

When someone lands on your profile, the first thing to catch their eye is your profile picture. Make sure it’s a forward-facing, quality photo of yourself. Blurry, pixelated images, or pictures of someone or something that isn’t YOU, won’t resonate well with users. Your bio is your chance to tell people who you are in a nutshell and entice them to follow you. You can link to your blog and Instagram as well as connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your profile.

4. Be active when it counts.

A good strategy for picking up maximum re-saves, likes, and comments is to save products when other users are the most active. While the site is consistently busy throughout the day (they say users spend an average of 50 minutes per day on Wanelo!), early evenings prove to be the most beneficial. We’ve found that the peak is often around 7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET.

5. Utilize Stories.

Stories are editorial bits of content around a group of products that gets published to all of your followers. Stories can be easily shared to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter as a single image, which can generate even more exposure and help grow your following.

Winning Wanelo: 8 Tips for Gaining More Followers

6. Engage with other users.

You can get in front of more users by mentioning (@username) and commenting on products and stories. There’s also story reposting, which allows anyone to repost a story they like to all of their followers. This helps people, who are creating amazing stories, find more followers.

7. Tag products with appropriate hashtags.

Hashtags help products get discovered and help you keep up with all the unique content on Wanelo. Hashtag pages are created automatically when products and stories are tagged. Users can also follow hashtags and see when new products are tagged. This means your profile will be exposed to anyone following the hashtags you’ve used in your posts. You can also hashtag stories, which is another way that helps you discover more content and helps others discover you! For example, a user can follow #leopard to see all of the relevant products and stories tagged with that hashtag.

8. Be active.

When you actively post from stores you love, you have a chance to become a top contributor. Top contributors are listed on a store’s profile page, which is another way to gain exposure, and stores pay attention to that. But most importantly, just be yourself and have fun with it!

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