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[Infographic] 4 Habits of Responsible Credit Card Users

Credit cards get a bad wrap. Sure there are terrible products out there with high interest rates and ridiculous annual fees, but for the most part credit cards are a reflection of their owner. Yep, I said it.

When used properly credit cards can be a valuable tool. They are key to building positive credit history, can be clutch when faced with an emergency situation (I’m talking real emergency, not J. Crew is having a sample sale ), and several products offer superb warranties and rewards programs that end up saving the cardholder money in the long run.

I comprised an infographic over the weekend about the 4 habits of highly responsible credit card users. Our specialty over here at My Fab Fico is credit and helping people build or rebuild their credit score. That includes helping people more confident and comfortable with correctly using credit cards and using them as tools.

I hope you enjoy. Feel free to share and I’d love any feedback you may have.

4 habits

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