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Happy Holi-Date!


I remember how excited I would be if I met someone who showed some real relationship potential in the months or even weeks leading up to the holiday season.

But most of the time the timing didn’t work out and I was, once again, alone for the holidays.  Alone in every sense of the word, regardless of how much time I spent with my family.  Alone in a season where everyone was full of excitement about the season of love, peace and joy.  Alone in a world where it seemed everyone else had someone to spend it with, except me.  I was on the outside looking in with no way of getting through.  There was no me and him, just me. But I digress being single during the holidays isn’t so bad…I may be alone but I’m definately not lonely!

Having Fun Thru The Holidays Even If You Are Single

If you are single or without a family and kids, and plan on having some holiday fun by just being at home and relaxing, there are many ways of doing that too.

Here are some benefits to being single during the holidays:

Check out these things to do list that I follow at times –

* Get Social  just enjoy the art of meeting and mingling without any ideas of what you’re going to get or not get out of it.  Trust me, you’ll feel better just getting out and seeing you’re really not so alone. 

* Give Back  whether you volunteer for a cause you’re passionate about or donate toys to a local toy drive, giving the gift of yourself through time and/or money will make you feel really good about what you can contribute to this season.  You’ll experience the wonderful feeling that comes from knowing you made a difference in someone’s life,

• Find a good book to read and just get lost in it! There used to be a time I loved reading and would read hundreds of pages a day.

Just grab yourself a cup of tea, coffee, or your favorite drink and start off till you don’t end it all!

• Relax yourself by watching a good movie, whether it’s a romantic or action one, depending on the kind you like. Or perhaps a great television show might do the trick for you.

It surely works wonders for me and takes me away from the daily stresses of life. Just put on your pajamas, grab some popcorn, and enjoy your movie!

I can spend hours watching a romantic one, though again, it’s been ages I really relaxed and saw a complete one, so, a good reminder for me too.

• Unwind yourself by listening to music. Just turn on the radio or listen to your favorite songs on your players and enjoy!

Music surely helps me relax and de-stress and I use it whenever I am not writing, especially when I am out for my walks, cooking, dance a step with it, or just otherwise.

• Relax yourself by practicing yoga and meditation. They DO work and if you haven’t tried them, do give them a try because they help lessen your stress.

• Spend time with your family and friends. Yes, this is one of the simple things to do to have holiday fun being at home and with your loved ones, yet it’s the one that’s often ignored.

Switch off the television and other electronic devices and just be with each other, talk and laugh and have fun.

• Go for a long drive because taking a leisurely drive without any motive can be a relaxing getaway too. It calms your mind and helps you feel renewed and refreshed.

• Spoil yourself a little by taking a spa treatment, or just float away to your own exotic place by having a bubble bath! Put on some light music, light a few candles, and enjoy yourself.

• Experiment with various dishes in your kitchen, which otherwise you don’t find time for. I do a lot of those when I want to have my share of fun during the holidays, though I need to make time for it now.

• Decorate and do up your house as you don’t find time for it otherwise. It gives you a ‘feel-good’ feeling when you reshuffle the place or re-do a few things.

• Go shopping! Ah…don’t you love that! I guess if you are a woman, you would, though not necessarily.

But a part of having a little bit of holiday fun includes going ahead and buying something that you might think twice about otherwise. Keep a look out for deals and discounts that are always up during this time of the year.

• Indulge a little because holidays are also time for many things to do like partying, eating, drinking, and making merry. You could do all of these with a few friends, or family, depending on your choice.

• Get creative and pick up some hobby or do something that you’ve been keeping away for later. The holidays are the right time to get into the mood because you don’t have work always on your mind.

Now, I’m sure you will never be short of holiday fun ideas and the things to do on such occasions. There can be many more holiday activities that I’d like you to let me know in the comments.

Remember to make the best out of your holiday moments as these not only recharge you but also help you live life to its fullest!

Speaking of myself, my vacations are coming to an end, but I’m going to cherish the memories of the lovely time we all had as a family.

Next time, I might choose some of your ideas of the things to do in the holidays and make the most of those days. :)

A Friend’s Opinion: Tracey Says…..

1. Travel Opportunities

Being single opens up an entirely new realm of possibilities when it comes to where and how the holidays are spent. Tired of the traditional Christmas Eve parties and New Year’s festivities? Plan ahead and purchase a ticket to some place warm and devoid of traditional holiday cheer. Instead dive into the warm Mediterranean or bask in the sunshine in Australia.

2. Freedom at Parties

Which parties are attended and for how long one stays becomes a bit more difficult when two people are involved. The freedom as someone who is single is that you can come and go as you please depending up on your mood and your no doubt overly booked schedule. Be sure to thank the hostess before leaving and be on your merry way whenever the mood strikes.

3. No In-Laws to Appease
While you may choose your significant other, you can’t necessarily choose your in-laws, and not everyone is lucky enough to strike the gold mine twice. Not having to worry about spending time with those who don’t appreciate you or understand you is a blessing. Enjoy it while you can.

4. Go Where You Want

Not being in a couple provides the freedom to choose where and with whom you want to spend the holidays with. Prefer your mother’s Christmas Day crème brûlée, but want to drive home Christmas night to sleep in your own bed, go for it. It’s your life. You’re an adult, and you can plan your life accordingly. Just be sure to thank you mother profusely and let your know how much you appreciate her.

5. Save money
While there are many aspects to enjoy while being in a relationship, a wallet flush with cash isn’t usually one of them during the holidays season. And while the money is usually spent willingly, is still drains the budget.

6. Buy Yourself a Christmas Present
Since money is being saved, why not spend a little on yourself. There will be endless after Christmas sales with drastically reduced prices. Take a day and hit a favorite boutique and purchase that dress/coat/pair of heels you’ve had your eye for months. You’re more than worth it.

7. Celebrate Your Life Decisions

The most important relationship you have in your life is the one you have with yourself. Even if other family members or friends don’t understand why you are single, continue to remind yourself that you are choosing to live by your own rules and create your own happiness that isn’t dictated by the outside world. After all, if you’re not looking out for your best interest, no one else will either.

Over to you –

What fun things do you do in your holidays? Which holiday activities would you recommend for a family, or the single and married lots? Share your fun ideas about the things to do in your vacations in the comments below.