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Going Retail with Brooklyn Limegreen

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Talima Davis, Brooklyn Limegreen

So you have an awesome product and you’re ready to see it on retail shelves? For many manufacturers, including Talima Davis of Brooklyn Limegreen, this dream has become reality. With products on the shelves of Walgreens stores across the country, Talima knows a thing or two about going retail. When asked what inspired her to launch Limegreen, Talima shared the following:

What inspired me to launch Limegreen was very personal. My high school best friend and sister, Tamara, was diagnosed with cancer and doctors said it was environmental. This was in 2006. Right after that I moved into my first apartment and my nose started bleeding. I had sprayed some cleaner and then realized I inhaled something pretty toxic because my nose was running and I immediately felt ill. I tried looking up the ingredients and couldn’t find any. Tamara passed away in 2008 and Limegreen was born. It took me years to come up with a plan but I knew I wanted a product line that would benefit the environment and people at the same time.

If you’ve got an amazing product on your hands and want to begin securing retail distribution, following are Talima’s top three tips:

1. KNOW your products. When I say know them, I mean know their worth and what retailers you want to align yourself with

2. Put your best foot forward when reaching out to retailers. Send the best of the best!

3. Mass retailers are great but don’t limit your reach. Be open to exploring small, large and mid-size retail partners. You never know which may be the best fit!

About Brooklyn Limegreen:

Limegreen products use only the essential and best quality oils to maximize its potential and unique multi-use nature. The products are gentle, yet effective from head-to-toe, without putting one use above another.

To learn more about Brooklyn Limegreen visit

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