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Motivational Monday 12/23

Over the last month (3-4 Sundays) Pastor A.R. Bernard has been talking about the heart as the central motivating factor of person’s life. He has also blessed us with a list of the top ten things that motivate us. Before we go in to the Ten Internal Motivational Needs, it is important to understand the definition of motivation.

Motivation– emotion that incites you to act; driving force by which you achieve your goals. Motivation is both intrinsic and extrinsic (internal and external).

We all will have qualities of many of the needs on this list, but not all are dominant. Each person is motivated and wired differently which make us unique individuals. The motivational needs below are neutral, meaning neither positive or negative. It is what we do to meet those needs that is positive or negative.

So here is the list of the Ten Internal Motivational Needs (with explanations)

SafetyThe need for safety! People who have a high need for safety     
1. Tend to avoid risk
2. Function effectively in a stable and predictable environment.     
3. They have a high need for security.
4. This need is satisfied by caution and a need to understand  what the outcomes will be before they are willing to make a  commitment.

The need to achieve! People who have a strong need for achievement
1. Gain satisfaction from making a worthwhile contribution
2. Or creating a product of recognized value.
3. They are proud of their ability to overcome great odds in  achieving a goal.
4. They take great pride in achieving something

AcquisitionThe need to acquire! People who have a high need to acquire
1. Find a great deal of satisfaction in accumulating possessions or wealth.
2. This need is neither bad nor good.
3. It is how a person satisfies this need that determines whether it is bad or good.

Affiliation – The need to affiliate! People who have a strong need to affiliate
1. Find the greatest satisfaction in their lives by being accepted and approved by others.
2. This is an extremely important aspect of this person’s life.

AutonomyThe need to be autonomous! People who have this need     
1. Find the greatest satisfaction in controlling their own destiny and supervising themselves.
2. They need to feel independent.
3. They don’t want a boss looking over their shoulders.

The need to be creative! This need is met by the satisfaction that comes from
1. Generating new and useful ideas, solutions and products.
2. It’s a need to create something, new ideas that motivate and inspire others.
3. This motivation draws from the world of possibilities.

The need for status! This is one of the strongest motivations for many people no matter what culture or society they live in. We would think that it applies most to American Society but it is present in every society.
1. It is typified by being part of the in-crowd and a desire to drive the right car, be seen with the right people.
2. Getting ahead in society and a drive to improve one’s status is of critical importance to this person.
3. This need is often satisfied at work through promotions or progressing up the corporate ladder.

PowerThe need for power! People with a high need for power find satisfaction in
1. Influencing people and events.
2. They need to control human, financial and physical resources within an organization.
3. This need does not imply a need to dominate or over control others.
4. There can be an inordinate lust for power but what I speak of here is a God-given drive for power.

RecognitionThe need for recognition! People with this need derive a great deal of satisfaction from
1. Receiving praise and special notice from those important people (those who matter) in their life.
2. This need is satisfied when one gets awards and recognition for what they do.

ServiceThe need to serve others! People with a high need to provide service find their greatest satisfaction in
1. Helping others.
2. They have a high need to give, to serve, to participate in those activities that benefit others.
3. The service motivated person is satisfied when they feel they have made a difference in the lives of others.

This series was definitely an eye opener. My dominant motivational factor is recognition. I have elements of achievement, safety, autonomy,  and service. Now I must use this information and continue to develop my character.

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