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Motivational Monday 12/30

*I decided to repost an old motivational writing because I feel this is very relevant to my life now and hopefully it can help one of my readers* Originally posted January 4, 2010

Self-Discipline-noun- Training and control of oneself and one’s conduct, usually for personal improvement

I know many of us set goals or resolutions for the new year, and by February we have become less motivated or we have taken our eyes of our target. Well today, the first Monday of 2010 I encourage all of you to exercise self-discipline. Jesse Owens said “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort” In order for use to achieve our goals for the new year and for life in general we need to be disciplined. Too often we fall off of the wagon and take our eyes off the “prize” and we never get what we want or accomplish any of our goals. As a result, we can sometimes feel like a failure or empty. Many of us fall off of this “wagon” because of the lack of self-discipline.

We say we want to get healthier or in shape, but we do not change our poor eating habits or CONSISTENTLY exercise. We say want to save more money and stick to our “budget,” but we spend frivolously or we buy breakfast and lunch everyday or buy the pair of shoes that are not a necessity at the moment. We say we want to become closer to God and have a better relationship, but we do not spend time with Him daily by praying to Him, meditating, or reading His word.

In order for us to really see a change in our lives and feel accomplished, first we need to set REALISTIC GOALS. Our goals must be attainable and we have to set DEADLINES!!! Giving yourself deadlines and sticking to them will help you become more disciplined. So start off small with a simple to do list. What goals do you want to accomplish for the day, week, month, and year. Once you have set your goals stick to it!!! Self-discipline is crucial especially when it comes to improving your self-esteem, job at work, relationships with a family member, friend, co-worker, or spouse.

We need to change our habits and routines. Everything we do should be working towards one of our goals. Developing good habits and routinesare the first two steps in self-discipline. Say no to McDonald’s (I struggle with this and Burger King lol). If your friends want to go out to eat save money by eating before you go and just ordering maybe one drink and an appetizer instead of an entree. Getting in the habit of clipping coupons or looking for deals on line instead of just splurging and impulsive buying or leave the credit cards and debit cards home and put yourself on an allowance (I’ve started this already).

One thing that I struggle with is being TOO SOCIAL and PROCRASTINATING.I am always in somebody’s classroom talking or someone is always in my classroom talking and I procrastinate with grading, reading, or planning. I need to be more disciplined and keep my mouth shut because every Sunday I am always grading and it is stressful. I need to stop procrastinating and get the work done and I need to become more disciplined in that to make my life easier.

If you are comfortable where you are at this moment, that I great, but self-reflect and examine your life and see what areas in your life you need to be more disciplined. We can ALWAYS become better people.

Jim Rohn said “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment”

I would rather suffer the pain of discipline to reach my desired goals then to be disappointed in myself and have regrets because I was not disciplined enough to accomplish anything. Which do you choose?

Love Life. Do Good.Live Well