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Why Is PR So Stressful?

If you follow us on Twitter, this Tuesday we tweeted that it was no surprise PR Executive was ranked number 7 on CareerCast’s most stressful jobs on the planet list. What is surprising is that it’s alongside jobs such as firefighters and police officers – people who actually put their lives at risk. So what makes PR so stressful? Based on my experience, it’s because of the below.

Why is PR Stressful

PR professionals have little to no control. We can’t control media, we can’t control a consumers mindset and we can’t control brand mishaps. All we can do is try our best to maintain a positive image and shove our key messages down everyone’s throat. Not easy, and most definitely stressful.

Client maintenance. Everyone has had clients that drive them crazy. Unnecessary fire drills, constant complaints and being ultimately unhappy with results we can’t control. Just thinking about it stresses me out.

It’s 24/7. If your celebrity client gets arrested at 2 a.m. or your brands CEO tweets something inappropriate over the weekend, you have to jump into damage control mode. No matter what day or time it is, the media doesn’t stop.

Constant change and topping others. The PR industry is ever changing – the rise of social media, tablets, etc. There are new ways to reach consumers every day and brands on consistently trying to come up with that GRAND idea that will triumph over everyone else.

Media relationships. You have to keep them on good terms at all times. One falling out with a reporter at a publication could haunt you your entire career. Once trust with a reporter is broken, it’s difficult to get it back. And reflect poor on your entire agency.

High-strung colleagues. Due to the amount of stress we’re under, the people we’re surrounded by only add fuel to the fire. You don’t have one boss – you have 4 or 5. And you have maintain good rapport with all of them, including every teammate.

But even with all of the stress…we still love our jobs.

What makes PR stressful for you?


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