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Recap: #PRwChat – Career Choices

For my third Twitter chat, professionals from various fields united to share their insight. I’ve included some of my favorite responses below, but feel free to check out the hashtag for more: #PRwChat.


Q1) What do you do, and what are you passionate about? Introduce yourself!

Samantha Dickson (@Sam__Dickson): Currently completing my masters in PR. I’m super passionate about the field and love all things related to communication!

Carlee Barackman (@CarleeBB): Excited to join #PRwChat. I do social media for businesses. I’m passionate about it, but one day want to just TEACH SM, not just do!

Kayla Hollatz (@Kayla_Hollatz): I’m the co-founder of uPRise PR + I’m passionate about building a positive community for aspiring + current PR pros to connect.

Q2) Have you completed any internships? If so, what were your responsibilities? If not, what internships are you interested in?

Tina Sangha & Amanda McGinnis (@VanGirlsPR): Maintained social media channels & media relations. Writing & pitching, created creatives & updated media lists.

Yesenia Nazario (@Yesenia_J): I did one in research and strategic planning at JWT and one at Ford as a marketing and PR assistant, which turned out as my 1st job.

Stephanie Clark (@xStephanieClark): I’ve worked for PR agency Ruby Media Group, currently intern for Kismet TV & Coco + Liz as a social media intern!

Q3) What has been the most difficult career choice you’ve made thus far?

Kayla Hollatz (@Kayla_Hollatz): When I decided fashion journalism wasn’t the path for me + transferred universities to pursue PR. Big risk, bigger reward!

Tina Sangha & Amanda McGinnis (@VanGirlsPR): Deciding when to move on. There comes a time when you’ve reach that peak…that learning peak.

Samantha Dickson (@Sam__Dickson): Similar to Kayla Hollatz, recognizing & accepting that what once was my passion, wasn’t anymore. Change was hard, but worth it.

Q4) What has been the best career choice you’ve made, even if didn’t appear to be at the time?

Amanda McGinnis (@AmandalMcGinnis): Deciding to take a year off school/work to travel abroad. It was costly, but the experience was definitely worth it!

Kayla Hollatz (@Kayla_Hollatz): Definitely transferring schools + uprooting my entire life to head in a new direction! My advice: Embrace the changes!

Parmida Schahhosseini (@pscha648): My best career choice was interning at a local clinic. It wasn’t paid, but it paved the way for my current internship

Q5) Is there a career choice you regret? Something you wish you’d done differently…

Yesenia Nazario (@Yesenia_J): maybe do more internships. But I don’t believe in regrets. Everything’s a new experience! We always learn something!

Elise & Jasmine (@UndrPRssr): I changed my major halfway through school, so I regret not jumping into the internship pool sooner.

Meagan Fraiser (@MeaganFraiserPR): Not building my professional network sooner. Only because it is so much fun!

Q6) What have you learned from your career choices that you’d like to share with others?

Tai (@Tie_Jackets): If your gut is nagging at you, it’s probably because it’s on to something. Don’t settle for something you’re only “ok” with.

Stephanie Clark (@xStephanieClark): Sometimes you go through a slump in your career…& its totally normal. You just have to remember to pick yourself back up again

Mackenzie Lauka (@MackenzieLauka): Don’t ever give up on your goals and dreams, nothing is beneath you if you go after it with everything you have.




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