My Sista’s Business…Lynell Shantae

Hello Pretty ladies! My name is Lynell Medlock. I was born at the Westchester County Hospital, my mother went into labor with me while in the Westchester County Jail. To my knowledge I spent the first 6 months of my life in the nursery of the jail. Now normally with the way my life started one would think “doomed” since birth, however God had other plans for me and over myself I’ve declared “Purposed” since birth. Although I’ve faced many challenges growing up such as depression, rejection, suicide attempts, living from household to household the one thing that ALWAYS remains consistent in my life is God. A very wise man once told me “Stop using your past as a crutch.” I thought about that advice over and over until it became embedded in my mind and my sob story to me, no longer was a sob story it became a JOY story. I found joy in my go through and I began to thank God for allowing me to go through all of those things because it dawned on me that my PURPOSE is to help others. I realized that I could not help others without first going through certain experiences. You can not teach what you do not know. Although I am still not in the place I would like to be I am definitely taking the necessary steps to reach my set destination. Right now I am working 2 jobs as well as a full time student in college. Yes, it’s tough sometimes but I understand that anything that is great does not come easy. If I can take a handful of Jokers that I was dealt and turn it into a handful of kings and Queens, I know for sure that YOU can too. So to all that are reading these words I wish you nothing but success, prosperity, wealth and most of all PURPOSE! Stay Pretty



I AmPurposefully Pretty Campaign 

What traits does a #PurposefullyPretty young woman possess?

1. To be PurposefullyPretty is to accomplish your goals no matter what.
2. To be PurposefullyPretty is to be your OWN person. Do not let anyone bring you down.
3.To be PurposefullyPretty is to be a leader amongst your peers.
4. To be PurposefullyPretty is to do whatever you can to help your community.
5. To be PurposefullyPretty is to be involved in extra-curricular activities that give back to your community.
6. To be PurposefullyPretty is to possess passion, perseverance and patience.
7. To be PurposefullyPretty is to break barriers in the area that you find interest in.
8. To be PurposefullyPretty is to be ambitious, driven, confident and dedicated.
9. To be PurposefullyPretty is to be kindhearted and persistent.
10. To be PurposefullyPretty is to help others find and fulfill their purposes.

Do not hesitate to participate in our #IamPurposefullyPretty campaign. If you feel as if you are a young woman who believes that they are PurposefullyPretty, let us know why! Upload a picture or create a video expressing what makes you PurposefullyPretty, from now until July 13th.  Help us outreach, teach and inspire young women in our community. “A pretty face without anything to back it up is null and void”.

About The Evolution! Society

"This is my life. It is my ONE time to be ME. I want to experience EVERY GOOD thing."--Maya Angelou "My Lyfe, My Vybe"--Crystal

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