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How to Wear Blue Eyeshadow (For Black Women)

 Even our First Lady is doing it!

We’ve been told for years that blue eyeshadow is “not for us.” Granted, blue can be a pretty pronounced hue when it comes to makeup, but there are several ways that Black women can wear the shade without looking gaudy or just plain silly. Don’t believe the myth, ladies. Just follow these tips for wearing the best blue eyeshadow for your skin tone so you can look your best, day or night.

Blue Eyeshadow for Black Women

Lighter-skinned women look great with blue eyeshadow that has tinges of lavender or purple. This is because many women with butter, vanilla, or goldenrod skin have cool undertones, and other shades on the cool side of the color wheel, including purple, look great against light skin. Pastel blue eyeshadow or purple-blue eyeshadow is appropriate for the workplace (especially if you wear a nude lip), and you can add primer, more shadow, and black liner all around your eye for a pretty night-time look.

Blue Eyeshadow 1

1. Blue Eyeshadow #72, about $19 from Makeup Forever
2. Kiddie Pool Eyeshadow, about $17 from Urban Decay

If you have mocha-colored skin, or your complexion is the same shade as cinnamon or honey, go with a blue eyeshadow that has a yellow tint. Chances are you have warm undertones, and look great in orange, red or peach clothing, so yellowish-blue eyeshadow belongs in your makeup bag. A cobalt shade of blue, or a powdery blue shade makes a pretty addition to your evening look, and will make your eyes pop. If you have cool undertones, a grayish blue eyeshadow is an option, too. Just be sure to use a yellow or nude eyeshadow right underneath your brow so that the gray won’t appear so dull and your complexion won’t look washed out.

Rated R Medium Purple Blue

Rated R Medium Purple Blue, about $32 from NARS

A blue-plum or aqua shade is best for dark-skinned Black women. Chocolate and cocoa tones will look especially attractive with bold blue eyeshadow; the contrast between rich brown skin and vivid blue is striking. Sweep a coat or two of the shadow on your lid, almost like an eyeliner, if you’re wearing it during the day and don’t want to bring too much attention to your eyes. For the evening, cover more of your lid with the shadow, or combine your aqua blue eyeshade with one that has flecks of silver for added shimmer. A nude blush and some lipgloss will complete the look.

Blue Eyeshadows 2

1. Azure Eyeshadow, about $13 from Bare Escentuals
2. Atlantic Blue Eyeshadow, about $5 from NYX


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