Motivational Monday 2/10





I know that many of you may have heard that image is not everything. Sorry to burst your bubble but it is! When I speak of image I am not only talking about how pretty you are, how well you dress or how long your hair is. The image that I speak of is the way you represent yourself in all aspects of life, especially social media. A few months ago actress Gabrielle Union tweeted something that I will never forget. She stated that “The pics, tweets, comments you post on social media can influence, change, limit or eliminate your opportunities”. I couldn’t agree more with this. As I scroll down my Twitter & Instagram news feeds the things that young women are saying and displaying of themselves are unacceptable. Do we not realize that everyone has access to see what we are displaying, even with private pages? Do we not realize that the jobs and opportunities that we go after are in some cases able to see what we are displaying on social media? What we display about ourselves says a lot about our character. Even if you are working in corporate America or on Wall Street, the fact that you would even display something unacceptable about your lifestyle says a lot about your character. I never understood the need to constantly use profanity or post pictures of your behinds, breast, piercings or you smoking marijuana and drinking on websites. I am not knocking you if that is the way you live your life, but if you are pursing purpose or any form of greatness, it is best that you use discernment in the image that you create of yourself.  Many of us think for right now. We long to fit into what seems “poppin” right now. How about we let go of right now and work toward our destinies. Create your image based on where you want to be in life. Align your image with your purpose. Therefore if want to be successful, dress like success, act like success, and portray yourself to be on the route to success.


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"This is my life. It is my ONE time to be ME. I want to experience EVERY GOOD thing."--Maya Angelou "My Lyfe, My Vybe"--Crystal

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