My Sista’s Business (A Man’s Edition)…..Bennett D Bennett

Pioneering PRofessional: Copywriter Bennett D. Bennett


Bennett D. Bennett is a senior at The City College of New York, where he’s studying advertising and public relations. He is also a freelance copywriter, creative writer, a blogger, tech nerd, avid networker and tweeter. Bennett not only got accepted into the MAIP Program – he coined the program’s official hashtag, #MAIPItHappen.

Bennett’s passion for writing dates back to his childhood, “I was writing from an early age.” Two years ago, he commented on a Facebook friend’s photo, which turned out to be an ad. “I loved how vibrant and full of personality it was, and she told me I’d make a great copywriter one day,” he confessed.

Writing and advertising share some commonalities, amongst them the ability to make a difference. “I love the potential advertising has to do things greater than its initial description. By definition our job is to get people to purchase products and/or services, but it goes further than that…It has potential to shape culture, to save lives, to make the world a better place,” Bennett shared. Not only does he focus on freelance work and all things advertising-related, but he also manages his own blog, where he shares short stories, as well as more of his work. “We’ll see if my other dream – writing a superhero series that’ll give Harry Potter a run for its money – can happen too,” Bennett stated with humor and enthusiasm.

One of Bennett’s proudest achievements is his first internship. The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment pulled six interns and had them create a 30-minute documentary of the arts and culture of Brighton Beach and Coney Island. Bennett was one of those interns. “I helped to produce, write, film, edit and do voice-overs on a public television show,” he stated.

What makes Bennett a pioneering professional? Throughout the last two semesters of school (and while he interned during the summer), Bennett slept in a hotel room while his house was being repaired from Hurricane Sandy. Bennett remains humble despite his success and looks at adversities as another form of inspiration – inspiration to achieve his goals of running his own agency or becoming CCO somewhere. Copywriting gives him the chance to make a difference, “For someone who grew up wanting to be a superhero, I get that chance as a copywriter.”

To those pursuing a career in public relations or in any other field, Bennett suggests, “Find your moment. Find your passion and people to be your mentors. Welcome opportunity but also be open to giving and telling others about opportunities. Keep your eyes, ears, hands and heart open.”

For more on Copywriter Bennett Bennett, visit his blog and follow him on Twitter: @TheAcecapade.





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