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Beauty Spoon Review beautyspoon

I really hate when I am using one of my creams, and I know there is still some left at the very bottom, but no matter what I do I can’t reach it. I have bottles standing up side down on my dresser, just hoping that it will slide down and I can squeeze it out. Well now I am happy to say I found the Beauty Spoon and was sent a pair to try!


Beauty Spoon is a reusable, flexible beauty tool that allows you to retrieve all the liquid of your favorite beauty products along the sides and bottom of the container or bottle. The beauty spoon comes in a 2-pack set containing a 7 and 10 inch tool that can be used on almost any sized container. So you can use every ounce of the product you Purchase ! Never throw your money away again!


This is perfect for people like me, I will no longer have to bang the bottle on my hand to try to get all the make up out, or cut the lotion container to get all the lotion. I am excited to have learned about the Beauty Spoon. This is one of those products that after you learn about it, you realize you have needed something like this for a long time.

The Beauty Spoon® is designed with an ergonomic handle and
flexible stem making it easy to retrieve every ounce of liquid and cream located
at the bottom of your product bottles and containers.

The Beauty Spoon® also comes equipped with a contoured spoon for retaining
and scooping out as much liquid as possible.


About Beauty Spoon

Claudia A. Hoexter, Inventor of the Beauty Spoon®.  As a former model, I am very conscious of my skin and the products I use. Unfortunately, I noticed that I wasn’t always able to retrieve all the liquids/creams/gels in my product bottles.

So one morning, I had enough and created the Beauty Spoon® (etched on scratch paper first) before I headed to work. What can I say? I’m a multi-tasker! I invented the Beauty Spoon®, so that no one else would have to endure this frustration any longer. No matter the cost of your beauty products, $10-$100, you have the right to your money’s worth!

So remember, If you can’t get to it, Beauty Spoon® it!

It’s the essential beauty tool that maximizes the use of all your beauty products!

If you want to learn more about the Beauty Spoon go HERE  also  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter

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