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14 Things The Rich Do Every Day

I am a firm believer of the Ghandi quote that “beliefs become thoughts, and thoughts become words, and words become actions, and your actions become your habits.” So naturally I was attracted to the work of Tom Corley who spent five years studying the habits of both rich and poor for his book, Rich Habits. While I do not think Corley takes into account the dynamics that contribute to domestic and global poverty, I appreciate the findings because they have made me examine my own habits. As privileged individuals, and if you are surfing the internet and reading this post, you are privileged, we have very few excuses when it comes to achieving our goals.

Several of these items boil down to plain ol’ discipline. 

A few years ago I realized some of my own habits  were toxic which is why I don’t have cable and I don’t watch trash TV. I will tune into a reward show but you will never tune into my timeline and catch me watching Mob Wives nor any of the Basketball Wives programs or the like.

california-beac- house

For me it’s about being healthy as a whole and adopting habits that contribute to my physical, financial, and emotional health. I have a ways to go, but I want my beach house in California on the Pacific coastline! Basketball Wives, etc.  I stopped reading gossip sites like Media Take Out and I started practicing Yoga.

So do you agree with Tom’s list?

Have you cut any habits out of your daily life that have led to an increase in your productivity? Or has this list inspired you to make a few changes? If so, what changes are you challenging yourself to make?



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