Motivational Monday 4/7

How to Make Monday Mornings Better

How to Make Monday Mornings Better


  • Don’t screw yourself for Monday on Friday. Meaning don’t leave yourself a million things to do on Monday morning because you get lazy on Friday afternoon. A bad habit in procrastination.
  • Use the weekend effectively. I’m an advocate for laying low and relaxing on the weekends, but even when doing so, I make sure I complete at least SOMETHING – cleaning the house, getting my nails done, grocery shopping. The basics, but it will make you feel more accomplished and pleased on Monday morning.
  • Try not to lose sleep. It’s inevitable that we’ll stay awake later on the weekends, but try not to go overboard. Get rid of the weekends where you fall asleep at 4am and wake up at 8am. That lack of sleep gives Monday mornings its bad reputation.
  • Look at your schedule for the week on Sunday. To ensure you’re not surprised on Monday morning when you realize you have three in-person client meetings this week.
  • Don’t schedule meetings for Monday mornings. Keep your Monday mornings free. Otherwise you’ll feel behind at the start of the week. Not a good feeling.
  • Try and wake up earlier. Even five minutes can make a difference. Beat the rush into the office and get a head start on the week.
  • Dress your best. Wear your favorite outfit and primp your hair. Start the week off on a high note feeling good.
  • Read on your commute. Catch up on emails or pick up the paper. Use this time to get up to speed.
  • Treat yourself. Indulge in your favorite breakfast, coffee or dare I say it, a sweet treat to get your week going.
  • Stay positive. Look forward to something during the week. Catching up with colleagues, old friends, family, whomever. Plan some personal after-work activities that will make the week go faster.

How do you make Monday mornings better?


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