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3 Tips To Create PR Buzz About Your Business

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If you pick up industry publications, newspapers or local magazines and see companies getting featured stories about your business and wondered, “how do I get my business featured in the news?” read on.  We are going to give you 3 tips to create PR buzz about your business and start getting featured in the media.


1.  Be Where The Reporters Are:

Getting your business in the media is like following a recipe with the key ingredients of: connecting with the media and building relationships before you pitch your story, having a pitch that makes their job easy and a little bit of luck and timing.  Here are a few ideas on places to start connecting with reporters:

Twitter is a goldmine for networking and connecting with people.   For example; if your company provides health and fitness coaching, you could type “health and fitness reporter” into the Twitter Search Function….and…voila…hundreds of leads for you to connect with.

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Use Muckrack to find journalists that cover your product or industry and connect with them on twitter.  Muckrack is what journalists are saying about the top news of the moment.  If you are a blogger, you can create a free profile for yourself so journalists can check you out.

Help A Reporter Out is a service that connects sources (you) to journalists seeking your expertise. Free to sign up and you will receive daily email summaries with story requests. I’ve been able to connect with several reporters on stories through HARO.

2.  Prepare Your Pitch

Media professionals are busy people and appreciate and reward you when you make their job easy.  Write your press release in the form of a ready made story.  If you are submitting to a publication with a smaller readership, often they run your story exactly as you provide.  If you need some assistance with your press release, we have a great template available.

Remember to sell the benefits to potential readers or listeners.  People what to know what’s in it for them.

For local publications, pitch your story at least two weeks before the desired run date.  Even if you are hoping for national coverage, its much easier to get local coverage first.  Often, national publications will pick up stories from local wires.

3.  Making Your Pitch Irresistable

The key is to STAND OUT!  Here are a few ideas:

Hold a bizarre contest – for example if you are a professional organizer, you might hold a contest for the Messiest Office and the winner would receive a free session.  You could pitch this to local business publications.

Turn a sale into a fundraiser or donate your product for a cause and let the media know.  Top Pot Donuts in Renton recently donated donuts to emergency service workers handling the landslide in Washington State (see…people are still talking about it!)

If you are doing something unique, that no one else in your community is doing (like a cooking school for preschoolers) – that is newsworthy and people want to know about it.


What successes have you had getting media coverage?  Please share in the comments below.


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