50 African American Heroes You Should Celebrate This 4th Of July

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You often hear African Americans complaining about the 4th of July as not being a day worthy of celebration. There are moments in history that changed the fabric of this country.

From the very inception of this country Blacks have been here. One fifth of the total population of Colonial America were enslaved 500,000 black men, women and children. Native Americans were not counted in the population.

We Built This Country

By 1770, there may have been 40,000 or more free African Americans in the Thirteen Colonies.

Prior to the revolution, many free African Americans supported the anti-British cause, most famously Crispus Attucks believed to be the first person killed at the Boston Massacre.

The Continental Army and the Navy recruited both free and enslaved blacks from the very start of the Revolutionary War, because many blacks were already experienced sailors, having served in British and state navies, as well…

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