This juice, I call it my “Morning Get Going” tonic. It’s cleansing,refreshing, and energizing, and you MUST use a juicer!


1 medium granny smith apple

4 fresh carrots

1 medium beet

1/4 (stem= 2 knots) fresh Ginger Root

1 stalk celery


Wash all Ingredients thoroughly

Cut apple in quarters and discard seeds

Juice 2 carrots first

Then 2 pieces of apple

The juice the beet

Then juice the celery

Juice the ginger root

Juice the last 2 carrots

Juice the last 2 apples

Your juice should be a beautiful vibrant red. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy immediately.

Try it for 20 days and you’ll feel refreshed for (what I call)  YOUR BEST DAY EVER…HAPPY BODY!

This recipe will be available in Yolanda’s Upcoming Juice and Smoothie Book!


Until We Meet Again…Stay Well!