Weekend Cocktail….

Moscato is one of my favorite white wines because I love the sweetness and delicious flavor!  Moscato Punch is super yummy and refreshing! I have been having the Summer blues and we haven’t even touched Fall but I know it’s coming. So this weekend I plan to invite a few friends over for an end of Summer Girls Night, because I know in the next few months as always (every year) we get so busy because of our lifestyle. One of my friends who has kids have school sports up until the end of the year that of coarse the soccer mom she is must attend and bring snacks :), another friend is a event planner, so of coarse with the all the holidays coming she will be super busy with planning events, and of coarse myself The PR Girl, well there are plenty things to do in my world.   So we are going thru the motions during this time of year, we are going to spend as much time together as possible until life gets crazy. 

So I’m making some Moscato Punch, I have made it before and it is super quick and easy to make and the pink lemonade, Sprite Zero, and raspberries are the perfect addition to the yummy wine.  We LOVED it!  We are having a girls night this weekend and you better believe that we are going to enjoy some Moscato Punch.




Moscato Punch is sweet, fruity, refreshing and perfect for a warm day, girl’s night, or game night!

Author: Stacey

Recipe type: cocktail


  • 2 bottles Moscato wine
  • 1 pink lemonade frozen concentrate
  • 1 cup Sprite Zero
  • Fresh raspberries


  1. In a pitcher, add wine, pink lemonade, and Sprite Zero
  2. Stir
  3. Add fresh raspberries to the pitcher
  4. Pour punch into glasses with ice
  5. Add fresh raspberries to the top of each glass
  6. Enjoy

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