World AIDS Day……

Red Pump to recognize World AIDS Day with three December events! 
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Reflections on World AIDS Day

Red Pump joins individuals and organizations around the world to recognize World AIDS Day. While we use this day to remember how HIV/AIDS has impacted the global community, it is also a day that gives us hope. Due to new treatments and increased prevention efforts, we know that we are getting closer to a world without AIDS.
Although we #RocktheRedPump every day, today we do it for the 16 million women worldwide who are living with HIV. As you commemorate World AIDS Day, please take the time to share a statistic, promote an organization doing great work, or show some love to a woman you know has been impacted by this disease. We promise to do the same.

Introducing Red Pump Stories

The Red Pump Project is excited to launch Red Pump Stories, an content series documenting the narratives, struggles, and successes of women living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Read the first profile on Kecia Holden on our blog, written by Veronica Appleton. 

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Upcoming Events

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December 1 (Dallas, TX): 
Condoms and Conversations, an evening of candid co-ed conversations and sexual health discussions, will feature female and male condom demonstrations, thought-provoking dialogue and poetry from incredible artists. To RSVP for this free event, visit the event page here.

Contact: Goody Goode-Howard (

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December 6 (Charlotte, NC): 
The 6th annual Red Pump/Red Tie Affair is happening in Charlotte on December 6. This event effectively fuses fashion and philanthropy to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS among women. The Affair will include live entertainment, a silent auction, runway show and more. For tickets and more information, visit the event page here.

Contact: Jameka Whitten (

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December 10 (Chicago, IL): 
Join us on December 10 in Chicago for Behind the Red Curtains: Monologues on HIV. Red Curtains addresses the impact of HIV/AIDS through spoken word and story-telling. Confirmed performers include HIV advocates David Robertson and Sanford Gaylord, along with HBO Def Poet M’Reld Green. For tickets and more information, visit the event page here.
Contact: Karyn Brianne Lee (


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