Food Mixx….Just Eat It!!!

So if you haven’t found out yet, I enjoy wine and during my birthday celebration my dear college friend Simone “The Wine Enthusiasts” from Califoirnia gasps her pearls when I said I wanted red wine with my fried chicken..hey I’m from the NYC anything goes. Simone says Crystal red wine doesn’t go with fried chicken (in her disbelief), then I say sure it does watch and began to eat & delight in my meal that I created and lean over to ask you want some.

Simone follows sute and her eyes light up like a christmas tree. See stick with me and you’ll be going places I tell her, and she leans over to me.  Crystal you have a way of making your own rules look chic and she begins to kick up her heels, wait a minute now I still have manners get your feet off the lounge sofa 🙂 

Who in the heck came up with this pairing game, that cheese tastes better what this wine or that wine, or certaain meals like veal, fish, or chicken goes well with this wine. I get all confused when I order I just want to eat my food and enjoy it…and why can’t I drink my cooking wine (well that’s another post) 🙂

Now don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the finest pairings in food and I do believe certain dishes should be paired to give the best of the palette in which the chef had pepared just for the pairing. However my dad who was a chef always says, “It’s the smile and enthusiasm of the food that  I love to see on people’s faces when they try one of my dishes”~ drink anything with everything. So as corny as I am here are a few of my unusual pairings….


From sweet and savory to cheesy and bubbly, there’s a combo here for just about every hungry Gladiator.

popcorn & wine

“I am not a wine snob. I don’t care if vino comes from Italy, New Zealand, Brooklyn or a box — good wine is good wine. But when it comes to popcorn, my inner-snoot cannot be contained. The best  kernels (made on the stove — none of this microwave nonsense!) should be fluffy, well-seasoned, not greasy and still taste like, well, popcorn. One of my favorite recipes is this Parmesan, Parsley and Maldon Salt Popcorn. The combo of salty parm, fresh herbs and earthy truffle oil hits all the right notes. It also just happens to pair well with a bubbly Pronto Lambrusco I have chilling in my fridge, which happily satisfies both sides of my personality.”
—Sonal Dutt, PEOPLE senior food & lifestyle editor, @sonal_dutt

Fried Chicken & Wine




Duck Quesadillas and Merlot - Meal & Drinks

This wine is super (and supper) awesome. It will change your mind about Merlot forever.  

Sparkling Wine with Hormel Chili—just because you can!!

 hormel 2hormel

hormel 3yellow tail

not out the can of coarse, dress it up…then this Australian-made wine, Yellow Tail Bubbles Rose ($10), impressed the entire panel. Dry but with a fresh strawberry-cherry flavor, it stands up to rich foods such as ham, duck and salmon.

Other Pairing Suggestions
Holiday Food Pairings:
Deep Fried Turkey—Semi-dry Riesling or PMV Chardonnay
Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows—PMV Viognier
Peppermint Sticks—Rapidan River Chocolate Wine
Gingerbread Man—Dry Riesling (great particularly with the raisin eyes and buttons)
Sugar Cookies with sprinkles—Chardonnay (cuts the sweetness of the sprinkles)
Fruit Cake—Nothing—never ever, ever do that to good wine!

 So….Keep Calm, Eat What You Want and Drink Wine!  

What’s Your Favorite Pairings?


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