Beat The Winter Blues….

winter blues

Tackling the “Winter Blues” 

The holiday season has passed – taking with it a sense of excitement, hustle and bustle.  Now comes the realization that there will be a few long months before another break.  Many people find the winter months, and in particular, the months following the new year, to be a physical and mental challenge.  The lack of sunlight, fewer daylight hours, and the cold combine to make it difficult to be active or motivated.  This can be a time where our energy is lacking and our moods are more “blue”.  Here are some helpful tips to chase away the doldrums of the winter season.

  1. Find time to Celebrate! – Take advantage of other winter holidays and celebrations of special events such as Martin Luther King Day, Presidents’ Day, and Valentine’s Day to spend time with family and friends for fun and renewal.  Keep looking forward to those next opportunities of “down time”.
  2. Create a Fun Routine – This is particularly helpful in dealing with children and teens who also experience winter “blues” or depression.  Your children may complain of being bored or of having physical complaints when they are tired of dealing with the daily demands of school.  Creating or keeping a daily routine that includes breaks for games or creativity not only provides structure, but gives you and your child something to look forward to as they complete their daily tasks.
  3. Get Going! – Making your body move with exercise, dance, or walking is a great energy booster.  Movement helps to relieve stress and provides the brain with needed oxygen for optimal alertness.  As one popular commercial encourages – find your GO!  
  4. Get Light! – Both in exposing yourself to light to combat dreary or shortened days, and in “lightening” up your diet as a way to lighten mood.  Did you know that your biological “clock”, known as circadian rhythm, is affected by the reduction of sunlight in the fall and winter months?  This change in sunlight can disrupt one’s natural internal “clock” to the point where one experiences depression.  Our serotonin and melatonin levels – important chemicals the brain uses to regulate mood and sleep – are also affected by reduced sunlight.  As a result, problems with sleeping, or sleeping too much occurs, and our moods become more “blue”.  So make your environment brighter by opening the shades or blinds on windows and spend more time in direct sunlight when sitting. 
  5. Eat Lighter and Healthier – Exchange the cookies and delicious sugary treats of the holidays for more healthier and colorful vegetables and fruit in snacks and meals. Taking care of the body leads to healthier mood and sleep.
  6. Practice Good Stress Management – Commit yourself to reducing stressors that are in your control.   For example, reduce schedules that may be jam-packed with activities or demands when needed.  Give yourself permission to relax and recharge in order to ward off depression, overeating, or negative thoughts.
  7. Keep in Mind……SPRING IS COMING! 

Note: Chronic depression is a serious medical condition that affects mental and physical health.  People who suffer with depression may find it difficult to manage daily routines, may have difficulty in making decisions, and may experience physical pain and ailments.  Depression is a medical condition  that can be effectively treated and managed.  If you or your family member is dealing with depression, or you suspect that you are depressed, please seek help from a physician and/or counselor.  Research affirms that seeking both medical and counseling support can be most effective in helping to relieve symptoms.  Finding the right support is vital to regaining your best healthy self.  





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