Community News…Strengthening Families Program

Peers Project

Program Overview

The Strengthening Families program is a

parent/caregiver, youth, and family centered skillsbuilding

class hosted by Fall Creek Academy. The

program is delivered with 7-sessions using realistic

videos, role-playing, discussions, learning games, and

family projects that are fun and engaging.

The Program:

Strengthens Parenting Skills!

Builds Family Bonds & Strengthens Communication!

Lowers Levels of Aggression & Increases Academic


Increases Resistance to Youth Peer Pressure!

Parents & Youth Learn Together

Register Now!

Strengthening Families Starts

Each Wednesday from 6:15-8:45 pm

Series runs Feb. 25 – April 15, 2015

(Excluding Wed., April 1

st Spring Break)


Class Location:

Fall Creek Academy

2540 North Capitol Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46208

One class consist of 7 sessions

For Information Call:

Kim Williams:


Nicholas Bolden:

Darshie Owens:



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