Job/Company: Co-Founder and CEO of On Second Thought, a messaging app that lets you recall text messages before they get to the recipient’s phone.

Brief description of what you do in your role:

Being the co-founder and CEO of On Second Thought is an incredible and fun role. I talk to film studios and television and radio networks about how we can partner and integrate On Second Thought into their programming. I meet with investors, recruit and hire new team members, manage the budget, and develop the vision and strategy for our company.

My Power Outfit: Maci Peterson, Texting Expert

What are you wearing?

Dress: Bethine
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Earrings: H&M
Watch: Movado
Bracelet: Julie Vos
Rings: H&M, Forever 21
Pearls: I’ve worn this necklace almost every day since I was 16.
Styled by: Makeda Saggau-Sackey, The Glamazon Diaries

How does fashion boost your confidence? 

I wouldn’t say fashion boosts my confidence, rather it provides an another opportunity for me to express my personality and how I’m feeling. While I appreciate fashion, it’s not a source from which I draw my confidence.

Any advice for women dressing for the tech industry?

When it comes to your wardrobe, keep it simple and stay true to yourself. Unless you’re really into fashion, keep trendy items low key. Tailoring is crucial, it’s always important to look sharp for meetings with investors. If you don’t feel comfortable in dresses, opt for a classic tailored pant and blazer combination that exudes confidence and poise. Invest in a good pair of leather pumps, not too high, and keep them polished at all times.

Photos: Sam Teich / Levo