Wellness Wednesday 4/8


Today’s Wednesday Topic: Wellness…mmmmmm!

Normally we relate wellness to physical aspects like exercising and getting our body moving along with what we eat and consuming healthy foods.

We’re going beyond that today, discussing some ways to create wellness in your mind, body and soul. If your as busy as I am, your life could be in chaos right now. Warmer months are finally here, finally getting over the winter blues. But part of being in wellness is keeping all areas of our lives in order.

These things combined with clean healthy eating and exercising will help you achieve wellness and live a more vibrant, healthy life.

So follows are some quick and easy (you know I like to keep things short so I don’t lose you or confuse you–short, sweet, simple…) steps to follow.

For your mind:
Go back to school (never too old)-take a class, learn something new (photography, a language, whatever).
Read a book.
Have stimulating conversation with others.
Do word or number puzzles.

For your body:
Try weight training (and no that does not mean you’ll get bulky or huge–unless you train to accomplish that).
Try Plyometrics.
Change up your workout routine.
Do exercises to strengthen your core.

For your spirit:
Donate your time to a cause, do volunteer work.
Spend some time doing something you really enjoy.
Play with your pet (if you don’t have one, consider adopting or rescuing one).
Stay positive!



About The Evolution! Society

"This is my life. It is my ONE time to be ME. I want to experience EVERY GOOD thing."--Maya Angelou "My Lyfe, My Vybe"--Crystal

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