Notebook  and coffee cup on wooden tableAfter you’ve been working for a little while you might find recruiters and other companies reach out to you with job opportunities – particularly on platforms such as LinkedIn. Even though it might not be the right time to move, I recommend still considering a catch-up with one of the offers that grabs your attention – ultimately as a backup plan if things were to go pear shape.

Here’s why…

1. Putting Your Feelers Out There
Meeting up with a recruiter is a way to start putting a back up plan in place, should you need it. I’m not saying it’s going to lead to a sure fire thing – obviously a job isn’t going to sit there for you until you need it – but it’s a way to put your face and name out there.

2. Building Contacts
Relationships are hugely important – it’s not what you know it’s who you know! If you start setting up Plan B it means you’ve got someone/somewhere to turn to if things were to change unexpectedly. If you’ve built a connection with someone, it’s something you draw on in a time you might need it, rather than starting from scratch.

3. You Don’t Know What’s Around The Corner
Some industries are ripe with redundancies and they can happen quite quickly. Though you could be completely safe in your job right now, do you really want to risk it and find yourself out on your own one day?

4. Keeping Your Options Open
You don’t necessarily know how you’re going to feel in a year’s time. Things could change and you might be unhappy in your job and wanting to change. And at least through having a bit of a backup plan you have a starting point to enable for that change.

5. It’s The Smart Thing To Do
A backup plan might not necessarily be in the shape or form of meeting up with a recruiter to discuss a certain role, it could be loads of different things. For some it could be a small business plan or monetary savings to cover yourself in times of need. Whatever it is, I really recommend having a fail-safe in place. It doesn’t mean you’re planning to fail, it’s simply a precautionary action to take.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had a backup plan to draw on? Or when you needed one? Please share your thoughts below!