Community News….Women of Power Summit (Recap)

Lisa Nichols Offers Tips for Helping Women Channel Their Inner Power

Motivating the Masses CEO helps women face challenges holding them back



As CEO of Motivating the Masses, Lisa Nichols helps her clients, both young and old, succeed in their business and personal life.

Serving as the guest speaker for Women of Power “We’ve Got the Power!” panel hosted by State Farm, Nichols shared thought-provoking details and advice on how women can take their careers to the next level. Following remarks by Black Enterprise President and CEO, Earl Graves Jr., and State Farm Vice President of Operations Margie Southard, Nichols shared insights from her own success journey of going from a single mother on government assistance to the CEO of a company that has just gotten its ticket to become a publicly held company on Wall Street.

Coined “the breakthrough specialist,” by industry peers, Nichols opened up with having the room full of attendees shouting the mantra “Yes, Yes!”

“The first yes is to you. The second yes is to your God-given assignment,” the author of six books told he crowd.

She went on to define power and to motivate the women to hone in on their inner power.

“Power is in the surrender to your assignment,” Nichols said. “Power is in your willingness to love the unlovable.”

Going into detail about the need for women to stop diminishing their power in order to make the people around them feel comfortable, Nichols encouraged the ladies to walk with authority and assurance in their purpose no mater what storm they may face.

“True power is not trying to dodge the bullet,” said the Motivating the Masses CEO while explaining to the audience that your down moment is your moment to remember who you were born to be.

Stay tuned for more updates from Women of Power and head to to watch the live stream.


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