5 ways to add SPARKLE to your life

We are half way thru the 2015, and I’m not the one who does new Year Resolutions. But I do believe in vision goals/board, what I call are reasonable accomplishments. That’s my question to you, have  you set out to do what you said you where going to do as part of your Vision Goals. If you have lost zest or sight of what your goals really are and need a mid-year pick me up here are a few things you can look at that adds sparkle to your life to move forward and finish strong…You StillHvae

5 ways to add SPARKLE to your life

 Why SPARKLE? It’s better than the alternative, that’s why.
The alternative is living a dull life. A life focused in the negative, in the cynical and the boring. Yeah, that sounds delightful doesn’t it? No. No it doesn’t.
SPARKLE isn’t living with a case of ABD (Attention Bling Disorder) SPARKLE stands for something. It stands for Showing People Authentic Respect Kindness & Love Everyday.
It invites positive energy into your world. When you are doing your best to make sure you are sending that good into the world you will bring it back without really trying.
Does it mean that you are happy in every moment? Not really.
Does it mean you LOVE everyone? Nope. But it means that the ones you do love, you do it right and you do it honestly. 

For the ones you don’t, you don’t give them your energy at all.

Everyday, you make choices that empower you. It is a power you hold.
Here are 5 simple ways to be sure your SPARKLE continues to grow inside of you and with that, is captured by others each and every day. 

1) Go out of your way to be kind to someone. A simple smile to someone. It doesn’t have to be someone who looks like they need it either. Someone in a 3 peice suit, that appears to have it all figured out is just as likely to need a word of praise, a gesture of sincerity as someone who needs a hand up in the world. Don’t only look through the eyes that society gave you. Clear your vision and be open to being kind to everyone. 

2) Go out of your way to be kind to yourself. You probably find it very easy to pay someone else a compliment however if someone pays one to you, do you blow it off? Even belittle what they have said to bring you up? That isn’t honouring the person that was showing you respect and paying you a compliment in the first place. Allow yourself to take in their words with grace. In fact, honour yourself and each day rejoice in something wonderful about you. That, my friend, is not conceit.
What it is, is self love. Practice it and self respect. It honours the one person who is there to love you till your dying day. YOU.

 3) LOVE LIFE. Each day is full of moments that you should treasure. We often have so many of them that we let them pass without notice and then…something so small and insignificant happens, yet it is negative and we allow that one moment to throw all of the beauty away. What a rip off! We wake up…Beautiful moment number one. We take a deep breath…beautiful moment number two. We are graced with people who love us…beautiful moment number three. Keep going. The coffee spilled…ARGH! There goes every beautiful moment. Why do we do that to ourselves? From now on. Don’t. Is it really that easy? Yes. In fact it is. It is a choice. You can choose the beautiful moments.

4) Ask yourself…”Is this really about me?” Before you get angry, upset or frustrated with something or someone, remove yourself from the situation and be honest with yourself. Ask yourself. “Is this about me?” “Would this situation be the same without me in it?” “Am I truly affected by it except for the emotion it is stirring in me?” Drama happens because we allow it to. It never occurs on its own. We take on battles in our lives far too many times that have absolutely nothing to do with us and the best thing we can do about that is to STOP! Do not be a drama llama. Do not invite it into your world and remember. Not everything is about you and that is OK. The freedom you will feel when you adopt this into your life will amaze you and your SPARKLE will freak you out!

5) Look at the positive side of life. Instead of looking for the doom and the gloom. Look for the bright and the light. There is good. There is SPARKLE everywhere; you simply have to choose to see it. It is not being ignorant to the fact that there is evil in the world but paying attention to it gives it power. So that being said, when you pay attention to the good in the world…you give THAT more power.

Imagine if we had more people in the world doing just that. How beautiful would our world be? How fantastic would this Universe look? How much SPARKLE would abound? Be a part of the light not the darkness. You will feel it in your heart and your soul. MAGIC happens there.



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"This is my life. It is my ONE time to be ME. I want to experience EVERY GOOD thing."--Maya Angelou "My Lyfe, My Vybe"--Crystal

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