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The Indianapolis Foundation has just released the report, The Importance of Community, as part of its Community Crime Prevention Grant (CCPG) program.


Two years ago, the Foundation was selected by the City of Indianapolis to administer this new program. The CCPG program is a responsive, open-inviation grant program specifically dedicated to investing in local efforts that have the potential to reduce crime in the Hoosier Capital. This 2015 report summarizes the Foundation’s efforts during the first year serving as grant administrator of the CCPG program, lessons learned from the community in which it serves, and specific recommendations to help improve the impact of local crime prevention investments going forward.

“The Indianapolis Foundation has helped donors make transformative grants based upon research, community knowledge and a commitment to supporting effective not-for-profits since 1916. We are proud of our work supporting the City of Indianapolis and our community’s residents to improve public safety and will use the data collected in this report to better inform our efforts administering the Community Crime Prevention Grant Program.” 
– Brian Payne, President and CEO of Indianapolis Foundation & CICF

CICF donors have also contributed an additional $287,500 toward public safety-focused programs and not-for-profits. CICF created a privately-funded College Readiness and Success Initiative in 2008 emphasizing a post-secondary degree attainment, and is also incorporating a greater focus on high school diploma attainment as a result of this report’s findings.

“On behalf of the Department of Public Safety and all of those who strive to make Indianapolis safer, I am grateful that The Indianapolis Foundation and CICF have created and released this comprehensive crime prevention report, one of the most thorough reviews that has been completed. This report clearly demonstrates CICF’s commitment to being both a good steward of public resources and a critical community partner for improving the quality of life of Indianapolis residents.”

– Troy Riggs, Director of Public Safety, City of Indianapolis

Riggs noted that, as recommended in the report, “Our greatest opportunity to achieve lower, sustainable crime rates is to use data to inform our strategies, work collaboratively as a community, and vigorously address quality of life issues that are root causes of crime.” According to Riggs, as of June 22, 2015, homicides in Indianapolis had decreased by 40 percent in the past six months, and that shootings had also declined in 2013 and 2014.

Learn more about the CCPG and the report HERE.


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