Wellness Wednesday 7/22

Real Talk:

I woke up one morning as a normal day, to view my emails and go about my day as normal. Midday I was getting these headaches, (normally get headaches so I thought nothing of it…maybe I skipped breakfast I move so fast some days I can hardly tell. I continue to go about my day and started to feel better, at the end end of the day, I lay down and felt something wasn’t right …God said listen to your body.

I go to the local drug store to get aspirin since I couldn’t take the headache any longer (I am not a pill taker). The lady at the desk said you don’t look so good, I said head ache….gotta love them, she said maybe you should check you blood pressure at our kiosk. Mmmmm I don’t have high blood pressure never have, but maybe it can tell me about something else that might be triggering it….to make a long story short my blood pressure was so high I had a mini stroke at 42 and didn’t even know it, it’s definately a silent killer!!!!

Pay Attention To What Your Body Say

High Blood pressure doesn’t announce its arrival or smack you in the head when it comes calling. This “silent Killer” is so named for a reson: Many people don’t know they have it until there’s a medical crisis. High blood pressure aka hypertension makes the heart work too hard, increasing the risk of heart disease and a stroke.


Live Life…Do Good…Live Well!

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