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Subject: SPECIAL EDITION: Real Talk on Double 8

“This is not about food…” Imhotep Adisa, responds to the closing of Double 8, Youth-Led Conversation this Sunday, Real Talk on Double 8, Owner Tells Why Stores Closed, Food Deserts Aren’t the Problem, Most & Least Recession Recovered Cities.

31 Jul, 2015  

“This is not about food…”
Imhotep Adisa, Executive Director


“We will be talking about the topics of economics, food deserts, unemployment…”

Where: Kheprw Institute (3549 Boulevard Place)


Real Talk on Double 8


Race, Poverty and the Politics of Food
August 9th, 3PM

Community Solutions and Alternative Food Systems
August 23rd, 3PM

Theory to Practice: Turning Ideas into Action
September 6th, 3PM


Double 8 Owner Tells Why Stores Closed

In an emotional, somewhat bittersweet interview, Isaiah Kuperstein, owner of Double 8 Foods, explained the reasons for the closings.


Food Deserts Aren’t the Problem

Getting fresh fruits and vegetables into low-income neighborhoods doesn’t make poor people healthier.


Most & Least Recession Recovered Cities

This analysis looks at how cities have or have not recovered from the Great Recession since 2008. Find out where Indianapolis ranks.

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