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Local Pastor Lives in Tent in High Crime Area to Raise Awareness of Senseless Violence and Support for “Unite For Change” (Indianapolis, Indiana, August 31, 2015) – This past weekend the pastor of the historic Christ Missionary Baptist Church concluded funeral services for slain sixteen-year-old Jaylen Johnson with the words “…earth to earth, ashes to ashes and dust to dust, ” as Jaylen’s grandmother, sister, other family members and friends said goodbye with tears that seemed to fill the chapel.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time in the past thirty days Pastor G has stood with this community to mourn a tragic loss; and even more unfortunately so, he doesn’t believe this will be the last. To that end, Pastor G proclaims: “enough is enough!”#EnoughIsEnough… “We in the church and the community see the aftermath of gun violence.

As a community, it is beyond time to come together and respond with action against what fuels his type of brutal, domestic terrorism that has paralyzed our communities”, says Senior Pastor Reverend John Girton, a 2nd generation and life-long Indianapolis resident. “I read in a recent Indy Star article that a surge in violence over the past few weeks has our city, ‘on pace with the homicide count of 2014, which was the city’s deadliest in eight years.’ Apparently, last year our city had ‘135 criminal homicides, exceeding the previous year’s count by 10 deaths’. This is simply too much.”

#EnoughIsEnough…. Pastor G is prepared to shine a light on the increased violence in an effort to ignite conversation, understanding and most importantly unity to face the violence and its root causes head on. And there’s never been a better time to face these challenges.

#EnoughIsEnough….On Friday, September 4th, Pastor G will pitch a tent in the heart of one of Indianapolis’ most violent communities in our city. His street campaign will reside at the corner of 30th Street and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Street for thirty days. The goal is three-fold:

1. To raise awareness of the senseless violence that is impacting families (generations) throughout the city of Indianapolis;

  1. To encourage unity. Pastor G invites city, faith and business leaders, along with survivors and victims of violent crimes to meet in the tent and bring ideas to unite to face the root causes of violence and to show a force of unity by saying #EnoughIsEnough and that it’s time to Unite For Change;
  2. To initiate a proposal to construct an epicenter of empowerment and education in the northwest community intended to coordinate programming throughout challenged Indianapolis communities where violence and hopelessness is common. (Goal: $500,000)

Pastor Girton is asking anyone who agrees that EnoughIsEnough will at least stop by the tent and sign banner, share your ideas and make a contribution to the  future of our city.

Along with other community leaders, Pastor G will be using social media to capture and share creative ideas, strategies, and testimonies which will become the foundation of the plan of action to reach the core of the community’s challenges.

Live interviews from the tent will be broadcast at You can follow updates from the tent at the church’s Facebook page at and follow Pastor G on Twitter at All donations are being accepted at any Indianapolis Regions Bank location starting September 4, 2015. #UniteForChange and help give #EnoughIsEnough as much visibility as possible. Pastor G is asking that you do at least one of the following:

  • Post messages, testimonies and ideas to end the violence in our community to our Facebook page:
  • Tweet about the unity campaign using #EnoughIsEnough
  • #UniteForChange
  • Advocate for media coverage and send to any bloggers in your network
  • Use your social media accounts and off-line contacts and partner coalitions to organize unifying actions/messages, etc.
  • Call/fax/send letters to: UniteForChange, 1001 Eugene St., Indianapolis, IN 46208, 866-792-8187 fax.
  • To schedule a meeting in the tent with Pastor G, you can call Ms. Tonya Wright at 317-985-2816.


Christ Missionary Baptist Church of Indianapolis

1001 Eugene Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208

317.925.4132 phone • 866.792.8187 fax

Contact: Tonya Wright, 317.985.2816 or 317.735.1127



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