Single Mom’s Event 2015

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Hello Everyone,

I know this is a little late, but I wanted to thank committee leaders and members who stepped up and supported events in their local communities last month for The Single Mother’s Event In Indianapolis. Originally hosted Project Single Moms Worldwide, Inc. (PSM) is a volunteer-led national advocacy & empowerment movement designed to empower, educate, engage, energize, equip and enhance the quality of life for single moms and their children.

The movement strives to organize and create a unified voice for single moms as well as to dispel negative myths and stereotypes by redefining the face and character of single moms in America. Members have access to a special fund for single moms called “A Hand Up™” Fund which offers temporary financial assistance to single moms for emergency and empowerment purposes without obligation to repay. Membership is free and open to single moms from all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds.

The event was filled with fun activities for mom’s and their little one’s…I especially loved the Kid Zone, where I could leave my little man across the way and get pampered with a message, sweet treats, with a soulful lounge to relax, enjoy comedy or poetry and an open platform to discuss our struggles as well as our victory . Even in the lounge we were inspired from watching Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club….I walked away with something different in my soul, to top it off I didn’t even know they had a program like this right here in Indianapolis and probably in your city too. So if you are looking for a year round platform to help you out in your singleness reach out to Project single Moms in your area…single1single3


single4Project Single Moms Worldwide, Inc. (PSM) NATIONAL PROGRAMS: – Unity Night & Membership Drive Ø Advocacy & Legislative Week Ø Project Single Teen Moms Mentorship Program Ø Small Business Academy for Single Mothers Ø My Hero Mom: A Celebration of Single Moms Ø National Conference for Single Mothers (2012)

For You Single Mom’s here is a flick your your next  Single Mom’s Night In…Enjoy! 🙂

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The Single Mom’s Club: When five struggling single moms put aside their differences to form a support group, they find inspiration and laughter in their new sisterhood, and help each other overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.


Tyler Perry


Tyler Perry


Nia Long, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Amy Smart |



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