Community News…Community Development for 41st & Ritter Residents

From: C V Cork

Date: Sat, Oct 24, 2015 2:35 PM

Subject:Letter to 41st & Ritter Residents

Thanks again for all your help.  

     I am Carla V. Cork.  I am introducing myself to some and reintroducing myself to others.  I am the yound lady who grew up in the house 4101 N. RItter Ave  (on the corner of  41st and Ritter).  
     I am a proud graduate of Lawrence public school system.  I followed my dreams and am now a board certified Family Medicine physician.  I am interested in coming to the neighborhood to help improve the quality of our communities health, health education, and education for the children.  My experience is in many areas and I’d like to share these talents with the area that helped shape me.  
    My mother Carrie B. Hampton (former Cork) passed away in 2012 and made sure I maintained ownership of the residence so that I could convert it into a medical office to serve the community.  This has been a life long dream and I am now able to make this a reality.  I am planning to renovate the interior of building to support the needs of a medical office and provide care to area families and residents.  My hope is to ease the need for missed days from work due to illness, lack of transportation, or inability to afford or find a doctor who cares. 
     We will accept all forms of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. Plans are to have the office open Mon-Fri from 8A-6PM, with one late day during the week–until 7PM.  In addition, I will provide at least one weekend day of availability from 8A to noon.  During the week, it is my desire to use my experience and education as a teacher to provide tutoring services to the area youth whose parents are interested in them doing well in school and making future career plans.  I’d like for chlidren and adults to become more aware of how to care for their health and education.  
    I am committed to helping make our area safer and maintaining the quality of life everyone would enjoy.  This is why I am sending this note asking for your support in the form of a letter  for Carla V. Cork sent to the attention of the planning board at the address below
Attn: Edward Honea, Jr c/o property 4101 N. Ritter Ave
       200 E. Washington Street, Suite 1842
         Indianapolis, IN 46204
or  please join me in person on November 10th, 2015 at 10AM eastern time at the city county building where the hearing will be held.  I am praying I may have your support and am thankful for you reading this and considering to help fulfill a lifelong dream! 
Carla V. Cork, D.O., M.A.T. 
Family Medicine Physician   

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