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Jillian Hervey/ Lion Babe

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Yes, her music is dope and if you haven’t heard it, shame on you, but what we love more than her music is her mane! Jillian’s hair just makes us want to gag! The hair motto for the summer is the bigger the better and Jillian just takes it to another level. The blonde and brown hues; mixed between big luscious curls makes everything about her look work. It also doesn’t hurt when your mother is former Miss America Vanessa Williams; it almost explains why she is so gorgeous!

Talent must run in the family singer Jillian Hervey, just released a new single, Jungle Lady, and we can’t stop listening to the sultry song.

The 25-year-old, who is half of the duo Lion Babe, has previously worked with rapper-actor Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino.

Check out Lion Babe’s new song and let us know what you think of the latest from the rising star.

Photo Credit:  [Jillian Hervey]. (N.D.). Retrieved June 28, 2015 from

Photo Credit: [Jillian Hervey]. (N.D.). Retrieved June 28, 2015 from

Lion Babe is not a one woman show, you may be surprised to learn. Soul’s coolest new act is a duo, comprised of lead singer Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman on keys. And they’re a Pharrell-approved duo, at that.

Forget all thoughts of naff twosomes past (PJ and Duncan, we’re looking at you), this New York pair are set to take our summer by storm with their smooth electro sound and fierce new image.

Here’s what you need to know about the new music stars everyone’s talking about…

They’re Teaming Up With Pharrell
Lion Babe is taking a go big or go home approach to their first major single, Wonder Woman, out 4th May. With Mr Happy’s backing (and proven production skills) their breakthrough track is set to soar. We love the soulful sound, not to mention the throwback fashion and foxy hair in the smouldering new video. They’ve already sent Twitter into meltdown with an acoustic performance, too…

Jillian’s Hair Is Roarsome
Is it full of secrets? You can probably guess where Lion Babe gets its name from. Front woman Jillian Hervey has been visiting the same hairdresser since she was a teen and now her epic mane has become the group’s honorary third member. Throwing it around on stage is a favourite pastime (well you would, wouldn’t you) but combing it into shape before shows is surely an effort and a half…
(Image: Jillian Hervey, Instagram)

Their Sound Is Ideal
A little bit funky, a little bit sultry and a whole lot fresher than anything we’ve heard in ages. One of our favourite tracks so far? The mesmerising Treat Me Like Fire. Watch the video below.


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