Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater


Since I could remember I have been a fan of performing arts, growing up in NYC has given me that privelage to be exposed to one of my favorites ballets. I love the storytelling, the culture and what it represents in the craft, as I was growing up my godmother made it her mission to take me to these extrodinary places, which soon became traditions. So there is no secret that when I am in the city I am always overjoyed with the smell of sugar cookies and walking along the strips and checkin out some upcoming performances. The amazing talent this company stand for each time they perform in the NYC for the holidays, well let me just say the experience is beyond of what can be shared amongst this blog (hint: you have to see it for your self) 🙂

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Otherwise known as the best modern dance company around.

Now’s the perfect time to start your own family tradition with a trip to see this mesmerizing ballet company. Not only is it a great way to introduce your littles to the magic that is theater, but it’s also a great conversation starter and a great way to start talking about the many ways in which dance will move you.
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater runs through January 3, 2016 at New York City Center and tickets start as low as $25. Visit the website to grab your tickets and prepare to be inspired.

 alvin 1

Rachael McLauren. Photo by Andrew Eccles.

 alvin 2

AAADT’s Antonio Douthit-Boyd, Yannick Lebrun
and Kirven Douthit-Boyd in Relevations. Photo: Andrew Eccles

alvin 3

AAADT’s Kirven Douthit-Boyd, Alicia Graf Mack and
Demetia Hopkins in Revelations. Photo by Gert Krautbauer




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