“My Life, My Vibe January 2016

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What’s New @ The Evolution!, LLC

Hello My New Blog Family,

You have really brought my blog to life for that I THANK YOU. Evolution Events, LLC  is now The Evolution! In 2012 I started using my social media & PR background to build awareness and branding for small business and individuals to get their name out there with my original company name in 2006 Evolution Events, LLC was born upon my re-launch in 2012  it is now The Evolution! LLC  a public relations firm that represents community & social networking referral based businesses, and lifestyle business that uniquely specializes in a cooperative operation (co-op) & networking community that includes a unique perspective on lifestyle trends.

After creating my blog I wanted to create more opportunity to network. Using my event planning skills I began to host networking events throughout the Indianapolis area and they have been a hit. I’m so proud of the fact that I’ve had a hand in bringing talented individuals together. Through my events I have built a solid network of media contracts, PR & Social Media professionals and just all around great people in Indianapolis.

We have been involved in some big projects and continue to build a great network and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with good people and fabulous events.

Likewise we would like to take the chance to ask you, if you are still in business please continue to support and add us to your database for future events and referrals. The Evolution!  encourages and supports the development and delivery of events, and  programs abroad under partnerships with other venues, community advisors, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, small business owner’s and other special organizations.

Indy is full of amazing neighborhoods, diverse people and really exciting events. The Evolution! will represent unique criteria from education, culture & trends, health & wellness, community service, entertaining entrepreneurship, beauty & style. I have always been the person my friends and family ask “ What’s a good place to chillax”.

The Evolution! will continue to bring you the very best in progressive events & service in the Indianapolis area that empower, educate, encourage & embrace small business and our community to ignite their passion.

I’d love to learn more about you, so shout me an email and hopefully we can find a way to work together in the future.

Coming Soon…..

~ The Evolution! Marketplace

–        The Underground Event

–        The Youth Entrepreneurship Summit

~ The Evolution! Playbook

–        Business/Community Guide

~ The Evolution! Society

–        Lifestyle Blog

~ “ On The Couch ”

–        Live Interviews In The Community

Also Check Out Our…….

~ Live Broadcasts @ RadioNext.TV Mondays 7pm-10pm
~ Community Outreach Programs
~ Super Saturdays
~ Network, Advertise & Promotions
~ Meet Us In The Community Events

 Join Our Movement….

~ Entertaining & Education

~ Lifestyle & Cultural trends

~ Public Relations/Communications

~ Research & Management

~ Event Ambassador


We look forward to being of continued service to you and I hope you will enjoy the benefits of our new co-op networking community. Please let us know what your doing in your business and community, your feedback is very important to us!


Love Life…Do Good….Live Well!



Crystal Dixon

CEO The Evolution! LLC.

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About The Evolution! Society

"This is my life. It is my ONE time to be ME. I want to experience EVERY GOOD thing."--Maya Angelou "My Lyfe, My Vybe"--Crystal

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