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January 2016

In this issue

  • Solar Grant Awarded
  • Steps to take now if your congregation is interested in solar 
  • Tri-State Interfaith Conference on Creation Care in Evansville
  • 2016 Preach-In on Climate Change
  • Resources for Wise Energy Use
  • Paris COP21 Meeting
  • Spring Leadership Gathering
  • Opportunity for Youth in on MLK Day
  • Support Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light

Solar Grant Awarded

Hoosier IPL has been awarded another Community Conservation Challenge Grant from the Indiana Office of Energy Development to help four Indiana congregations obtain solar panels.

This competitive $100,000 grant will benefit St. Peter’s United Church of Christ in Carmel, and All Souls Unitarian Church, Eastgate Christian Church, and Neighborhood Fellowship Church in Indianapolis.

The four churches collectively pledged more than $100,000 of matching funds to invest in panels and energy conservation measures. They will also host educational events, including Using Energy Prudently workshops, to benefit other congregations.

Along with previous grant recipients, the ranks of H-IPL solar grant congregations now number 25 across Indiana, of all denominations, faiths, and sizes.

Office of Energy Development’s press release.

Is your congregation interested in solar?

Take steps to prepare:

  • Have the conversation: Secure approval from congregational leadership to install solar if funds become available. We can help you interpret the benefits of renewable energy for your congregation.
  • Talk to an installer: They offer free estimates, and will help you consider the size, positioning, and cost of your array.
  • Begin (or continue) energy conservation measures: Have an energy audit. Consult H-IPL’s Using Energy Prudently Resources to guide action steps.
  • Watch for an upcoming Using Energy Prudently workshop in your area, or request one. 

Tri-State Interfaith Conference on Creation Care

All are invited

Location: Good Shepherd Catholic Church, 2301 Stockwell Road, Evansville, IN
Date and time: Saturday, January 9, registration & exhibitor tables open 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. (CST), speakers 9:00 a.m. to noon (CST), optional free lunch from noon to 12:30 p.m. Free admission and open to the public.

Keynote speaker: Maryknoll missionary Sr. Janet Miller, an Evansville native. Sr. Janet spent many years teaching organic farming on the African continent and working in Panama’s rain forests.
Four breakout sessions to choose from.
Interfaith panel discussion on Encyclical Laudato Si and other theological responses to this document.

For more information, contact Caroline Nellis at 812-424-6832 or at

2016 Preach-In on Climate Change

The 2016 Interfaith Power & Light Preach-In has been moved from Valentine’s Day weekend to Earth Week in April. So there is more time for planning!
To inspire your thinking about what to talk about and why, check out this resource, which includes reasons to preach on climate change, facts from climate science, biblical themes for preaching, strategies for overcoming stumbling blocks, and resources.

Working on Wise Energy Use?

H-IPL website resources on creation care.

We are revamping many areas of our website. Check it out!

Paris COP21 Meeting

International Agreements to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

After many years of frustration and failure, 195 nations came together in early December and agreed on a landmark accord to commit nearly every nation in the world to lowering their carbon emissions. Read the New York Times article.

Although the agreement does not in itself reduce emissions to the level scientists say is necessary for keeping warming below the critical 2 degrees Celcius level, it serves as a starting point for monitoring actions by all countries, both developed and developing.

In addition, representatives will meet every five years to report on their emissions reductions, with the expectation that over time leaders will find the means to reduce warming to a safer goal of 1.5 degrees.

Developed nations committed $100 billion per year to assisting poorer nations, which have not contributed substantially to the carbon pollution as industrial nations did, in mitigating and adapting to climate change. This environmental justice component was necessary not only because as nations begin to prosper their need for energy rises, but also because it is simply right and fair.

Hoosier IPL and the other state affiliates of Interfaith Power & Light celebrate this historic accord and encourage U.S. legislators and businesses to support it wholeheartedly.

Spring Leadership Gathering

Mark Your Calendar: March 12, 2016

On this spring Saturday afternoon of March, a statewide gathering of diverse faith backgrounds will share in a round table conversation focused on the social justice issues of creation care and energy efficiency. Many of the focal points raised in Pope Francis’ recent encyclical will offer reference points for this discussion. Details coming soon.

Opportunity for Youth in on MLK Day

Indiana youth are invited to join the Interfaith Community of Environmentalist Youth (ICEY) on Martin Luther King Day for YES (Youth Empowering Sustainability): a Statewide Environmental Kickoff. Members of the Bloomington group ICEY  will lead teens in a day-long, overnight event about leadership and building a sustainable future. YES will include

• interactive workshop about starting environmentalist groups
• training for cutting energy usage
• hands-on greening in real homes
• movie, ice breakers, and more fun activities!

The event will start at 3:00 pm on Sunday, January 17, at the Eastgate Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), E. 16th St, Indianapolis, and continue to 4:30 pm on Monday. Dinner, breakfast, and lunch will be included, along with some snacks in between. For more information, contact the organizers at

There is fee of $20 per person, with discounts for people coming from 100 miles away or more and for those coming in a group with three or more religions represented.

Link to a poster.       Register online.

Consider a Donation

The new year promises to be a critical time in the struggle against climate change. Please consider starting the new year with a gift to help H-IPL continue to grow and build the movement to care for creation.


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