Wellness Wednesday 1/6

“What’s In Your Gym Bag” Series….


Well, Well, Well We’ve made it to 2016 and if building a healthy lifestyle for 2016 is the first on your list. Then this series is for you, “What’s In Your Gym Bag” will give you get up and go must have essentials. I know when I see a new workout gear or workout tool I can’t wait to purchase (in some funny kinda way) it makes me want to go hard at the gym and feel the inspired results.  Will these essentials make you lose weight (?), but they may give you the motivation and tools to get up and get moving.  So for our first introduction for the series we have an Olympic Winner..check out what’s in her bag…enjoy 🙂

We’re taking a peek inside our favorite health and fitness experts’ gym bags to uncover their must-have gear and favorite products.

Name: Sanya Richards Ross, four-time Olympic gold-medalist in track and field for Team USA

workout: I run on the track five days a week and lift weights four days a week. I also do Pilates one to two times a week and core exercises five days a week. My favorite workout is 6 x 200 meters on the track, and squats, power cleans, and box jumps in the gym. I love explosive lower-body lifts.

What’s in my gym bag:
1-6. All Nike all day! They are on the cutting edge of activewear technology and nothing beats Nike’s sneakers and workout clothes. I keep activewear on me all the time in my giant I-could-probably-fit-in-here day bag! My current favorites are:
1. Nike T/F Cropped Women’s Hoodie 
2. Nike Lunarglide 7 Women’s Running Shoe 
3. Nike Pro Indy Sports Bra 
4. Nike Dri-Fit Essential Running Crops 
5. Nike T-shirt 
6. Nike Pro Hyperwarm Half-Zip  

7. Candy and gum: I cheat with Skittles WAY too much. You can usually find a few runaways rolling around the bottom of my bag!

8. Camelbak Groove insulated water bottle: The coolest water bottle ever is the one with the built-in filter by Camelbak. You can put in tap water and it filters it as you drink it so it’s so convenient for me when I’m filling up at a fountain at a public track, etc.

9. Kitsch headbands: I always have these headbands with me — there is nothing worse for a sprinter than hair in your face! 

10. Formula X nail polish: This might be weird, but I have nail polish on me because chipping drives me crazy! Formula X makes this color called “Obsessed” which is great for fall and the holidays, and I can just touch up my nails when they chip.

11. Lorac lip gloss and mascara: Listen, I did not wake up like this! Lorac makes the best lip gloss in its Alter Ego line, and I have it in “Supermodel” in my gym bag now along with the brand’s new PRO mascara. These two little things make a world of difference after a workout. 

12. Murad Radiant Skin Renewal Travel Kit: Skin care is an important part of my beauty regimen, but trying to make toiletries travel-friendly has always been a challenge. Murad’s starter kit has everything I need in a carry-on size so I can just keep them on me.

SanyaRichardsRossRelayLondon2012.jpgSanya Richards-Ross

Richards-Ross after winning gold medal of 4×400 relay during the 2012 Olympic Games.

This story is part of What’s In My Gym Bag, a Yahoo Health series taking a look at the cool gear and products in our favorite health and fitness experts’ workout bags. Show us what’s in YOUR gym bag by snapping a photo, posting it on Instagram, and tagging #YHGymBag.



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