Music Mixx…Denitia + Sene

Denitia + Sene

Denitia + Sene
Ryan Mikail

Sounds Like: Entering a coffee shop on another planet and ordering the most chilled-out cold press ever conceived. Futuristic R&B and soul on a cloud of its own.

For Fans of: Rhye, the Internet, Zero 7-era Sia

Why You Should Pay Attention: After a chance meeting at a party a few years back, Denitia Odigie and Brian “Sene” Marc plotted to combine her ice-cutting vocal skills with his serrated, beat-driven synthesizer experiments. Their partnership flourished naturally at the Clubhouse, a four-story Victorian home reimagined as a creative space deep in Brooklyn’s Ditmas Park neighborhood. (“It’s like if the Royal Tenenbaums had all played instruments and made music,” Sene offers.) Following the genre-hopping Blah, Blah, Blah EP, and last year’s His and Hers LP — which hit Number 11 on the iTunes R&B chart — they’ve returned with a focused digital slice, the side fx. EP, coming out via Red Bull Sound Select. Each song coalesces Nashville-seasoned Denitia’s evocative range of emotion with Sene’s pixelated tones (and some harmonizing) for a FaceTime-era transmission of the joys and challenges of modern love.

They Say: “The micro storyline of Denitia and myself is comedic — always me trying to sing less, and her trying to make me sing more,” Sene says. “On the song ‘Call U’ on His and Hers, we kind of broke off on the electronic influence to it [for side fx.]. We latched onto the ‘Call U’ sound, even though it’s not one of our most popular songs, as far as the singles and all that. Every time we do that live, the way people respond is special.”

“Pretty much we could just be anywhere at this point,” says Denitia. “With some recording gear, and something cool would probably happen. I don’t say that in a way that, ‘We’re so great.’ At this point, whatever we’ve done at the Clubhouse, it developed us. We take that vibe with us wherever we work.”

Hear for Yourself: “Runnin.” from side fx. sounds like a cyborg singing along with the XX. By Reed Fischer


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