The PR Girl Tool Box “The Goal Digger” Series (prt 1)

 Are You A Goal Digger….


If you don’t know I’m an advocate of making goals…write it & speak it into existance. So upon having a conversation with a friend of mine, we will call her “go with the Flo” that she doesn’t make goals. But I was also surprised to learn most of us do not have clear, written, and well thought-out goals. Most people have a general idea of what they want to do – maybe lose weight, be healthier, go back to school, or get a promotion (like my friend Flo)- but if it’s lacking in specifics, the goal will be more of a challenge than normal.

What gets people is not their inability to make goals. Making goals is the easy part.  It’s their inability to meet them.

Goals require that we be specific vs. daydreaming. Just wanting something doesn’t make it happen.  But clarifying it and breaking through obstacles will get you where you are trying to go.

Do you have a list of goals and plans all floating around in your head?  I am sure they are all well-intentioned, but are you wondering why you aren’t getting any closer to reaching them?  Or are you frustrated that you don’t know where to start on your journey to reach your goal?  Well I am here to give you a whole series of “GOAL DIGGIN” ideas since we are coming closer to the end of the year, why wait until January to get your goals in order. If you don’t have things in order, let me tell you that there is hope for you!

Step 1: Breakdown that big scary goal into achievable steps.  If you give yourself mini goals along the way to your Dream Goal destination, then you are more likely to sustain the motivation you need to keep you on the right path.

Step 2: Write your Dream Goal and mini step goals down on paper!  I cannot express how important this step is!  Pen and paper is manifestation magic! Goals that aren’t written down are just wishes and plans that aren’t scheduled….therefore, they aren’t real.

Step 3: Plan your work and work your plan!  It’s that simple!  Once you have the steps thought out and you have them written down, then simply work your plan!  Approach each day as, what step am I taking today to reach my goal?  It’s all about baby steps, but remember this old saying: Imperfect Action ALWAYS Beats Perfect Inaction!  So, go out there and take action towards your goals….even the smallest action counts!  You can do this! If you found value in this post, please leave a comment and share with a friend!

~ Happy Goal Diggin




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