“Things I’m Lovin Lately”….

Things I’m Lovin Lately (Summer Turned Fall Edition)…. 

I never really take into account all the amazing aspects of summer… until it’s literally over. Summer is hands down the best time of the year. No stress, no tears over school, and absolutely no worries. And as the end of summer officially hit me harder than I even expected, I looked back on all of my amazing memories and everything that I am truly going to miss about summer. However it doesn’t have to unless I want it to it’s all in your head. As you all know I’m not big on Fall/Winter season I only enjoy it because it my kids & I birthdays. As I tend to get the blues, but as I get older I’m learning to embrace every season as it comes my way for new opportunites. So are a few “Things I’m Lovin”  In the Summer way into the Fall/Winter &  beyond no matter what season.

~ Embracing technology and learning how to weave it into my life in a positive way.

~  Making lists.

~  Bubble baths with salt and essential oils.
~ Spa days. Massages, steam rooms, saunas, facials, fluffy robes.

~ .Getting together with a big group of girlfriends and talking about life, rather than work.

~ Sitting down to a delicious looking dinner that I made myself.

~ Farmer’s Markets.
~ Fruit. Fruit salads, whole fruit and fruit smoothies. My fruit monster status.

Chocolate. Hot cocoa

~ Wearing my hair in a high bun all day. Aka, fuss free hair. Also: no makeup days.

~ The sound of crickets humming. The sight of fireflies. Warm summer nights and after dinner strolls.

~ Early morning breeze and summer sunrise

~ Skirts that twirl or flow, and shoes that sparkle.

~ Singing loudly in my car and thinking I sound amazing. example: Let it Go, Elsa has nothing on me.

So, there are my Things I’ve been loving lately for the last few months. I love doing these kinds of posts, so I’d love to know what you’ve been enjoying over the Summer too.

I’ll leave you with some links/info from around the web!


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"This is my life. It is my ONE time to be ME. I want to experience EVERY GOOD thing."--Maya Angelou "My Lyfe, My Vybe"--Crystal

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