The PR Girl Tool Box “The Goal Digger” Series (prt 3)

 Never Give Up!


There is a  Japanese Proverb that I love that says: Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight.” It reminds me that no matter how many times I get knocked down in my business, I need to dust myself off and get right back up!  Frequently in our business we hit road blocks, slow selling months, team members that quit, the list goes on and on.  But if we decide to give up with every little bump in the road, you will only be hopping from one business to the next, searching for the perfect business that doesn’t have problems.  Let me tell you a secret….It doesn’t exist!  If you are truly invested in making a business work, then you need to learn how to problem solve through the hard times.  If you expect a team to join you and stick with you, you have to lead by example!  You better believe that your team is going to be watching your every move on how you handle obstacles in your business.  If you whine and complain and bash your company, do you really think they are going to want to stay?!  You need to be fully aware of how you are presenting yourself to your customers as well as your team.  If you give up, so will they!  Instead, be the positive role model in their life.  Be the type of leader that they will aspire to be!  YOU CAN DO THIS!  Believe in yourself!   I believe in you!

Here’s how goals help us:

  • Goals Give Us Forward Motion
  • Goals Give Us Structure
  • Goals Keep Us Accountable
  • Goals Expand Our Comfort Zone
  • Goals turn the Impossible into Possible



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"This is my life. It is my ONE time to be ME. I want to experience EVERY GOOD thing."--Maya Angelou "My Lyfe, My Vybe"--Crystal

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